Speech & Language Therapy for Children in London

Paediatric speech and language therapy

Speech and Language services for children

Our speech and language therapists assess and treat children with speech and language difficulties, and those with swallowing and feeding problems.

Problems with speaking and communicating are the most common developmental delay that children experience. There are a whole range of medical conditions which can result in your child experiencing speech and language problems.

What is involved in speech and language sessions for children?

There are a number of different assessments available dependent on the nature of the child's symptoms or condition. However, they usually involve an analysis of speech sounds and articulation, auditory processing disorder (APD) screening and dyslexia screening.

For our parents we ensure we keep you appropriately involved in the assessment process.

Our specialist team

Our team at The Portland provide complex therapy to regular clinic sessions, we offer a holistic approach to speech and language therapy – caring for your child's medical, psychological and developmental delays that children experience. 

We work closely with paediatric ears, nose and throat (ENT) and paediatric neurology consultants so we can refer you if necessary. Likewise, people are sometimes referred for a speech and language assessment by an ENT or neurology consultant. This approach helps us to decide on the most appropriate, thorough treatment programme for your child.

Our flagship children's hospital

We provide exceptional care for children with speech and language problems at our specialist paediatric hospital in London.

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To request an appointment with our speech and language team, get in touch with our paediatric unit  

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