Grommets for glue ear


Grommets are tiny tubes that are inserted into the ear to allow air to circulate in the middle ear.

What are grommets, and why are they inserted?

A grommet is a tiny plastic tube with a hole in the centre which can be inserted into the eardrum to help with glue ear. Glue ear is a build-up of fluid behind the eardrum.

Glue ear can make it hard to hear and may have an impact your child’s speech development, or can be a sign of more serious disease if found in adults.

Need to know

  • What is a myringotomy? icon plus

    A myringotomy is a procedure where a hole is created in the ear drum to allow fluid to drain out that is trapped in the middle ear. During a myringotomy for a child or adult, grommets will be inserted, these small tubes allow air to pass through the eardrum, keeping the air pressure on either side equal. The grommets remain in the ear following the procedure and will fall out naturally within 6-12 months.

    This procedure is usually done as a day case, and followed up with outpatient hearing tests to monitor the level and improvement of hearing.

  • How to prepare for your procedure icon plus

    Your consultant will explain how to prepare and what will happen when the grommets are inserted.
  • After the grommets have been inserted icon plus

    You or your child should be able to go back to normal one or two days after the grommet operation. 

    Within a few weeks, you or your child will be able to go swimming. Flying is not a problem with grommets. 

    Your consultant will arrange a hearing test in the first few weeks following surgery to confirm that hearing has improved. They'll schedule follow-up hearing tests every few months until the grommets fall out, the grommets will fall out naturally after six months to a year.

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