Paediatric audiology and audio-vestibular medicine

Hearing and balance services for children. The assessment and rehabilitation of children with hearing loss or balance disorders.

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Hearing and balance services for children

We take an holistic, child-focused approach to paediatric audiology and audio-vestibular medicine. As the largest and most comprehensive private provider of diagnostic and rehabilitative hearing services in the UK, we're able to offer children clinical and diagnostic services that are usually only found in a small number of teaching hospitals and research facilities.

These services include conductive hearing lossglue ear, sensorineural hearing loss (damage to the hair cells in the cochlea), newborn hearing investigation, balance problems and central auditory processing disorders.

Our audiology expertise

Our paediatric audiology consultants are leaders in their field and work closely with ear, nose and throat consultants.

Need to know

Speech audiometry helps to determine the degree and type of hearing loss a person has. It is used to assess your word recognition abilities, your level of discomfort or tolerance to speech stimuli and to determine the correct levels for any amplifying devices, such as hearing aids.

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Paediatric audiology Consultants

Dr Bernadette Borgstein

Dr Bernadette Borgstein


Dr Mohamed Ali Hariri

Dr Mohamed Ali Hariri


Our Paediatric audiology locations

The Portland Hospital

The Portland Hospital

205-209 Great Portland Street W1W 5AH London

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