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Gastroenterology is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the stomach and intestines. Whether you need a routine test or complex cancer treatment, our multidisciplinary team of gastrointestinal consultants, radiologists, pathologists and oncologists will work together to provide you with the best personalised care. With the latest diagnostic and endoscopic technology available, we can offer faster diagnosis and advanced treatment options to everyone who comes to us for care — from infants to adults. The wide range of conditions we treat includes Crohn's disease, pancreatic cancer, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gallstones and stomach tumours. All of our private London hospitals have dedicated gastroenterology units, with The Wellington Hospital housing one of the largest gastrointestinal facilities in the country. 


We offer a range of diagnostic tests and treatment options for all aspects of your digestive health — from weight loss surgery to cancer screening.

  • Capsule endoscopy

    Need to know

    Capsule endoscopy is a diagnostic test used to examine the gastrointestinal tract and check for small bowel disorders and conditions such as Crohn's disease, polyps and malabsorption. There are three types of capsule: the oesophageal capsule, the small bowel capsule and the colon capsule.

  • Colonoscopy

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    You could be referred for a colonoscopy if you've had blood in your stool or noticed any changes in your bowel habits. It's an effective diagnostic procedure that allows our consultant to examine your bowel in detail. You might have a colonoscopy as part of a biopsy or for removing polyps.

  • Endoscopic ultrasound

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    Endoscopic ultrasounds combine the technology of ultrasound scans and endoscopes to generate detailed images of the oesophagus, bowels, heart, stomach, lungs, pancreas, and the surrounding tissue and blood vessels. A thin, flexible tube (endoscope) with a small probe (ultrasound transmitter) on the end...

  • Enteroscopy

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    An enteroscopy is a diagnostic procedure to look at the lining of your small intestine. A thin, flexible microscope with a light called an enteroscope is used. This test is used to check for disease and can also be used to take tissue samples (a biopsy) to be analysed, if necessary.

  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy

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    Your GP might refer you for a flexible sigmoidoscopy if you've noticed changes in your bowel habits, or if you've experienced any rectal bleeding. Your consultant will gently guide a lubricated sigmoidoscope — a fiberoptic tube with a lens or camera on the end — into your anus while watching a screen...

  • Gastroscopy

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    If your consultant wants to examine your upper digestive system they might suggest a gastroscopy. This procedure lets your consultant look inside this part of your body using a tiny, flexible camera called an endoscope. It's usually a quick procedure that takes around 10 minutes.

  • ERCP

    Need to know

    An ERCP is used to examine the pancreas and bile ducts. The pancreas and bile ducts form part of the digestive system. The bile ducts carry bile, a substance that digests fat, from the liver and gallbladder to the small intestine. The pancreas produces substances that regulate blood sugar and help digest...

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The Endoscopy Centre at The Princess Grace Hospital is a centre of excellence for the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the gastrointestinal tract, lungs and bladder.

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