Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS)

Internal ultrasound of the abdomen

Endoscopic ultrasounds combine the technology of ultrasound scans and endoscopes to generate detailed images of the oesophagus, bowels, heart, stomach, lungs, pancreas, and the surrounding tissue and blood vessels.

What is an endoscopic ultrasound?

An internal scan that allows a consultant to examine the organs and structures in the chest and abdomen in detail using high-frequency sound waves to produce detailed images of the lining and walls of your digestive system and chest, it can also include neighbouring organs such as the liver and pancreas, and lymph nodes.

During the endoscopic ultrasound, a thin, flexible tube (endoscope) with a small probe (ultrasound transmitter) on the end is passed through the mouth to the area being examined. The ultrasound transmitter emits harmless sound waves which produce the high frequency images.

These images are relayed onto a screen and analysed by a consultant.

Our endoscopy specialists

We work with leading endoscopy experts across a range of medical fields, including:

  • oesophagus
  • bowels
  • heart
  • stomach
  • lungs
  • pancreas

Our endoscopy locations

We offer a range of endoscopy services at our specialist endoscopy centres, we also provide them as part of other primary procedures in our main theatres.

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