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Ankle replacement surgery at LAAC

At London Ankle & Arthritis Centre we've established our reputation as leaders in ankle replacement surgery. Supported by innovative equipment that allows us to carry out the most intricate surgery, our team of surgeons perform 10 times more ankle replacements each year than other healthcare facilities in the UK. 

What is an ankle replacement?

A total ankle replacement, often referred to as TAR is an operation to replace your existing ankle joint, which is causing you great pain and is no longer working as it should. It is performed through an incision over the front of the ankle, where the ends of your tibia and talus are resurfaced with metal components, and a plastic insert in between them to allow gliding motion.

The surgery takes between one and two hours, and is carried out under general anaesthetic. As one of the main goals of ankle replacement is to improve your mobility, you should be able to go home on the same day of your surgery, or the day after, provided you are able to stand and walk with the temporary cast you’ll be fitted with.

What are the advantages of an ankle replacement?

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    Long-lasting pain relief

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    Better function and mobility

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    Can lead an active lifestyle

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    Improved quality of life

Ankle fusion or ankle replacement

Consultant foot and ankle surgeon Mr Andrew Goldberg talks about the key differences between an ankle fusion and an ankle replacement surgery.
Our patient-specific technique for ankle replacement provides detailed and accurate architect plans. This is to ensure precise positioning of the prosthesis which I believe is crucial to ensure its longevity.

Mr Andrew Goldberg

After ankle replacement surgery

Total ankle replacement provides excellent pain relief and good function, and has a greater than 90% success rate, as measured by patient satisfaction in the short term.

Before you have surgery, your consultant will discuss the likely range of movement you should expect after the procedure, to ensure you have realistic expectations. Everyday activities such as walking will be greatly improved compared with when you were in pain, to the point that others may not notice that you’ve had an ankle replacement.

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