Coronary artery disease

Ischaemic heart disease

A reduction of the heart's blood supply due to atheroma — a fatty substance that builds up in the coronary arteries

What is heart disease?

Coronary artery disease is a major cause of death in the UK and results from the narrowing or blockage of the coronary arteries by a build-up of atheroma. Coronary artery disease can lead to shortness of breath, angina (chest pain) and myocardial infarction (a heart attack).

Need to know

  • What are the symptoms of coronary artery disease? icon plus

    The two main types of coronary artery disease are angina and a heart attack. An angina is a pain felt mainly in the chest (though it can felt in the left side of the body, back, jaw or arm) and usually occur during exercise or exertion.

    A heart attack (also known as a myocardial infarction) occurs when one of the heart arteries blocks suddenly and can cause cardiac arrest. The main symptom of a heart attack is chest pain, ranging from discomfort to crushing pain felt in the centre of the chest, radiating up through the jaw and down the left arm. Other symptoms include shortness of breath, sweating, vomiting, dizziness and nausea.

    If you think you may be having a heart attack, you should call 999 immediately.

  • How is heart disease diagnosed? icon plus

    The build up of fatty substances in your coronary arteries can happen over time. If you're concerned about developing coronary artery disease, our GPs and/or consultants will be able to recommend certain tests and scans to help detect it. If you are diagnosed with coronary heart disease, we have world-class cardiac facilities and expertise to provide you with comprehensive care.
  • Potential treatment options for coronary artery disease icon plus

    Your treatment options always involve lifestyle measures, medication and intervention (angioplasty or coronary artery bypass surgery) depending on the type of coronary artery disease you have.

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