Breast surgery

Breast surgery can include breast cancer surgery, and reconstructive procedures that do not require plastic surgeons.

Types of breast surgery

Breast surgery is offered as a treatment to patients with breast cancer as well as being used for reconstructive or cosmetic surgery.

As a treatment for breast cancer there are two main types of surgery that are conducted: a mastectomy or breast lump removal (lumpectomy). During a mastectomy, most of the breast is removed in order to get rid of all cancerous tissue. A lumpectomy is performed to remove a lump in order to check for signs of cancer. Your oncologist will be able to guide you on the best option for your condition.

Reconstructive surgery is provided to patients who have undergone either a mastectomy or lumpectomy. This can be conducted at the same time as the original surgery or at a later date, which your surgeon will discuss with you.

For cosmetic surgery, our consultants offer three breast surgery treatments: breast enlargement, breast lift and breast reduction

Our breast surgery expertise

These are some of the treatments our breast surgeons carry out.

  • Breast enlargement

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    Breast enlargement is a common type of cosmetic surgery where silicone or saline implants are inserted to increase breast size, make them more even or change their shape. The implants are placed either between the breast tissue and chest muscle, or behind the muscle.

  • Breast lift

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    Breasts can sag over time due to ageing, weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding. This is because the fibrous bands that support the breast stretch and break down. Breast lift surgery, which is also known as a mastopexy, can help to reshape the breasts into a more youthful, firmer shape.

  • Breast reconstruction

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    Breast reconstruction is usually offered to all women who've had a lump, or one or both breasts removed due to breast cancer. The timing of the surgery depends on how early your breast cancer is detected and treated. It can either happen at the same time as your breast removal or a later date.

  • Breast reduction

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    If you feel your breasts are too big, it can be difficult to live with and affect your confidence. It can limit the clothes you can wear and the sports you do, along with causing shoulder and back pain. Breast reduction is a straightforward operation to remove breast tissue to decrease breast size....

  • Mastectomy

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    A mastectomy is mostly used to treat breast cancer. There are several different types of mastectomy —your consultant will advise you which is right for you. During the operation, all cancerous tissue is removed from the breast. This is to decrease the risk of the cancer growing back and spreading.

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