Personalised, patient-centred breast care

The Breast Care Unit based at the Platinum Medical Centre part of The Wellington Hospital is a state-of-the-art, dedicated unit which offers the full spectrum of breast assessment, including the diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant breast diseases, as well as the full range of breast reconstruction options - all under one roof.

For us, it’s critical our patients remain at the centre of the care, and that the care delivered is completely individualised. From the moment a patient arrives with us we are by their side, fully supported by a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS). We can offer same-day appointments Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm, with some evening appointments also available.

The unit, located in St John’s Wood, is home to a One-Stop Breast Clinic, a rapid access, consultant-led service, where a patient’s breast concerns can be investigated using the very latest digital mammography, clinically appropriate imaging can be undertaken and results can be given, in a single visit. Open since 2011, we have established a reputation for providing a consistently high standard of care that requires a relentless focus on quality, expertise and support for patients whatever the outcome.

Our strength lies within the excellence of our clinical teams; we have an exceptional team of consultants, nursing and therapy staff whose skills and experience enable us to care for all breast care needs.

You can self refer to the breast unit

We offer a self-referral breast mammography service. Every mammogram is reported by two independent consultant radiologists and we provide results (including a written report) within 48-72 hours. This is offered to women who meet the self-referral criteria:

  • Are aged 40 and above
  • Are asymptomatic (no symptoms)
  • Are fit and healthy
  • Haven’t had a mammogram for 12 months

The results of your mammogram will be sent to your named clinician so please ensure we have the most up to date details for your clinician. You will need to contact them directly for your results.

State-of-the-art imaging technology

3D Hologic Mammography Machine

We use high resolution digital technology combined with low-dose X-rays to image the breast and detect even the smallest abnormality in breast tissue. This produces exceptionally sharper images in both 2D and 3D allowing greater accuracy for surgeons targeting the breast tumour.

Breast 3T MRI scan

If not enough information can be gathered from a mammogram or ultrasound, a breast MRI can be requested. This provides increased sensitivity that is especially good for diagnosis in younger women and women with dense breast tissue.

Did you know?

9 out of 10 

breast lumps investigated are found to be benign. However it’s important for women to have breast screening and have any concerns diagnosed.

Key breast treatment options

Oncoplastic procedures

The breast care unit holds joint clinics with the oncoplastic and plastic surgeon where cases are reviewed in joint consultations. If you need a mastectomy we can offer you the full range of breast reconstruction options. If you are undergoing immediate or delayed breast reconstruction, or for patients with a BRCA mutation requiring risk reducing surgery, you are welcome to attend our breast reconstruction awareness group. Here you have the opportunity to meet other women who have already had breast reconstruction and share support in a relaxed and informal way supported by our clinical nurse specialist.

Inpatient and outpatient chemotherapy

The team of specialists at the Chemotherapy Unit at Leaders in Oncology Care (LoC) assess and treat patients who are undergoing systemic anti-cancer treatments. The highly-skilled team of senior nurses and oncology doctors provide a supportive environment for all patients receiving chemotherapy and related treatments, such as hormonal therapy and immunotherapy. All patients attending the unit are offered a one-to-one educational session with a specialist nurse prior to starting their treatment. Should you have any complications or side effects of chemotherapy, we can organise immediate admission to our Acute Admissions Unit.


Our team of cancer specialists work closely with our world-leading oncology consultants. All of our patients regardless of the treatment you receive, have ongoing follow up through our MDT to ensure the best possible outcome for both you and your family

Menopausal clinic

Women visiting our breast care clinic may also be experiencing menopausal symptoms following their breast cancer treatment. Many of these symptoms can be treated. To help our patients we run a specific clinic to ensure seamless care centred on the specific symptoms you may be experiencing.

Genetic testing

The Platinum Medical Centre is also home to a clinic for hereditary cancer genetics, a comprehensive genetic testing service. At this clinic, within 10 working days, we can offer you an appointment with a consultant clinical geneticist who specialises in cancer genetics.

We provide access to the latest, validated hereditary cancer gene panel tests, which are not routinely available elsewhere. Genetic testing is particularly useful for patients with a family history of breast or ovarian cancer as they may be at risk of carrying the BRCA 1 or 2 gene mutation. 

Detecting these genes is beneficial as carriers of these genes are more susceptible to breast and ovarian cancer.

Carrying out genetic testing can be particularly empowering for patients as they can make informed choices about further management and surveillance options where necessary.
If you are concerned about an increased risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer, you can speak to one of our specialists.

Seamless, continuous multidisciplinary care for patients

During your visit to The Wellington's Breast Unit, you will benefit from the clinical expertise of a range of specialists.

We take a multidisciplinary approach to providing the right diagnosis and treatment plan if cancer is discovered. Our multidisciplinary team is composed of Consultant breast/oncoplastic surgeons, Consultant radiologists, Consultant plastic surgeons, Consultant pathologists, Consultant oncologists, Mammographers and Clinical Nurse Specialists.

In addition, there may be other healthcare professional involved in your care including our Physiotherapists, Dieticians, Clinical psychologists, Complimentary therapists, Lymphoedema specialists, Prosthesis fitters and Oncology pharmacists. 

Our collaboration with Future Dreams

We are honoured to work with Future Dreams to provide our breast cancer patients with vital aftercare equipment including post-surgery bras, softies, pretty drain bags and head scarves, and care packages of snacks, sanitisers and puzzle books. As breast cancer can be emotionally challenging for patients, we also offer practical guidance through frequently asked questions, helplines, mental wellness, bra-fitting and important exercises post-surgery. Future Dreams have been instrumental in supporting The Wellington Hospital Breast Care Unit team.

Future Dreams is breast cancer charity dedicated in raising funds to support women through their breast cancer journey, and have recently launched the podcast series 'And Then Came Breast Cancer' to support those who have suffered with the disease. If you are unsure what the early warning signs are of breast cancer and want to understand the importance of breast screening, we recommend you listen to the episode ‘First Signs’ with our lead breast cancer nurse Bernie Phelan, who shares practical advice with award-winning journalist and breast cancer survivor Victoria Derbyshire.

Specialist care for our patients

The comprehensive care you will receive also includes giving you your confidence back.

Specialising in nipple and areola tattoos for patients who have had breast cancer and reconstructive surgery, Sarah Fogel, a medial tattoo specialist, has a kind and professional approach with meticulous attention to detail, always looking for the best, most natural looking result possible.  Often creating a 3D looking nipple, Sarah is able to match the size, shape, colour and details of the existing nipple/areola in order to achieve perfect symmetry for our patients.


The nipple/areola tattoo requires two treatments, approximately six weeks apart. Sarah uses a topical anaesthetic to ensure that patients are comfortable and relaxed. Each treatment can take up to two hours, including a brief medical history, drawing the areola and allowing time for the anaesthetic to take effect. Most patients can return to work immediately as there is no ‘down time’, although the area may feel a little sore for a few hours.


Sarah Fogel
Medical Tattoo Specialist

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We can offer same-day appointments with a breast specialist. If you would like to make an appointment please contact us, we’ll be happy to help.

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