The Wellington North, Circus Road

Acute Rehabilitation Centre - Medical Rehabilitation

The Wellington North, Circus Road

The largest private hospital based rehabilitation centre in the UK


020 7483 5363

The Wellington Hospital North Building

Circus Road, St John's Wood

London NW8 6DP

A comprehensive approach to rehabilitation care

FRP programme

Functional Restoration Programme (FRP)

Our FRP team provides interdisciplinary assessment and treatment for patients with longstanding pain. The key goal of the FRP is to restore function in everyday activities. Led by Dr Anthony Ordman, we work with patients to put together a personalised programme of care to help improve functioning and overcome barriers.

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Medical hydrotherapy

Medical Rehabilitation Programme

For patients who have had major surgery extra time may be needed to recuperate before returning home. Within our centre, we provide an open, relaxing space where patients can build their confidence and optimise their recovery, enabling them to make the transition between hospital and home as seamless as possible. 

Polytrauma and Amputee Rehabilitation Programme

Our programme is appropriate for those who have sustained multiple injuries or an amputation. As we have ITU and critical care facilities, we can accept patients at an early stage of their rehabilitation and our expert medical and surgical teams will work together to ensure the best outcomes.

Meaningful goals

81% of our UK patients

were discharged to their home environment

Our location

The Wellington Hospital,
North Building,
Circus Road,
St John's Wood
London NW8 6DP


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We offer a free clinical assessment to all patients who make an enquiry with us. You can speak to one of our rehabilitation advisors who will be happy to arrange this for you.

Inpatient rehabilitation enquiries: 0207 483 5348 | 0207 586 2462 | 0207 483 5363

Outpatient rehabilitation enquiries: 0207 483 5184

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