The CMA Order

In October 2014, the Competition and Markets Authority ("CMA") published the Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order 2014 (the "CMA Order"). The CMA Order requires private hospital operators (such as HCA UK) to disclose on their websites certain information relating to the way the private hospitals interact with referring clinicians; that is a clinician that has practising privileges and/or has the ability to refer patients for treatment or tests at a private hospital. 

Full details about the investigation and the Order can be found on the CMA web page: here.

It is important that HCA is transparent about our relationship with doctors and we therefore set out below some of the ways in which we work together. 

We would welcome your feedback on the way this information has been presented. Please contact us by email using the link here.

Useful outcome statistics for all private healthcare operators can be found on the Private Healthcare Information Network website at

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This information disclosed on this page is supplied in accordance with the Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order 2014.

In addition to The Harley Street Clinic, the disclosure on this page covers the following facilities which are operated by The Harley Street Clinic:

Services and Partnerships with doctors

  • Low-value services icon plus

    The following low-value services are provided free-of-charge to referring clinicians with practising privileges at HCA facilities:

    • General services to ensure appropriate clinical care (such as in-house training, chaperones) 
    • Workplace amenities (e.g. free/subsidised tea and coffee including for patients, on-site meals, stationery)
    • General marketing (such as general promotional events, consultant directories and internet profiles)
    Car parking
    Some HCA UK facilities have (or have access to) car parking spaces. Where these spaces are made available to doctors, it is on a first-come, first-served basis. Where spaces are made available to staff and/or doctors, HCA does not charge for these.
  • Higher-value services icon plus

    Secretarial and administrative services:
    HCA sometimes employs medical secretaries to liaise with patients, deal with correspondence, make appointments and handle patients’ enquiries on doctors’ behalf. Sometimes, medical secretaries work for more than one doctor. They help to manage complex processes such as payroll, making administration efficient both for doctors and – most importantly – our patients. Medical secretarial services are made available on a non-discriminatory basis and on equivalent terms in accordance with the CMA Order. We charge doctors for using this service at Fair Market Value (FMV).

    HCA charges the following (exclusive of VAT) for secretarial and administrative services:

     Facility  Hourly rate charged by HCA (£)
     The Harley Street Clinic  20.38
     The London Cyberknife Centre  20.38
     The Devonshire Diagnostic Centre (inc London Urology Associates)   20.38
     The Physicians Clinic  20.38

    Consulting rooms:
    HCA UK considers that doctors must be able to see our patients without delay, and in close proximity to our diagnostic and treatment facilities. In order to achieve this, we licence our consulting rooms to doctors at Fair Market Value on an hourly or sessional basis at market rates, which we determine by calculating the rent we pay to landlords plus overheads (including rates, services charges, utilities). Consulting rooms are made available on a non-discriminatory basis and on equivalent terms in accordance with the Order.

    HCA charges the following (exclusive of VAT) for consulting rooms:

     Facility  Hourly rate charged by HCA (£)
     The Harley Street Clinic  20.83
     The London Cyberknife Centre   20.83
     The Devonshire Diagnostic Centre (inc London Urology Associates)   20.83
     The Physicians Clinic  20.83
  • Events icon plus

    HCA UK provides general corporate hospitality and social events (such as Christmas parties) for staff and doctors. Such hospitality is proportionate and reasonable and is not provided by HCA UK with the intention of inducing referrals or rewarding the referring clinician for making or having made referrals to HCA UK.

    Since 1 January 2021, this Hospital has hosted the following Events:

    • A networking dinner for doctors in November 2021 hosted by The London Neurosurgery Partnership costing £126 per head.
  • Equity participation icon plus

    Some HCA hospitals and facilities operate partnerships with doctors, some of whom may be referring clinicians.

    Please see below for more information regarding equity ownership in the following joint ventures with The Harley Street Clinic.

    Initial shares and units are calculated based upon the capital costs of the equipment, leasehold improvements, provided working capital and other costs necessary to establish the Centre. For shares in established ventures, Fair Market Value is applied and reviewed by external specialists based on historic performance and projections.

    The information here is regularly updated, and in this version is correct at 27 June 2022. Where a doctor’s name or a company name appears in italics, it means that discussions were taking place at the stated date regarding an exit from the investment.

    Devonshire Diagnostic Centre Ltd (established 2018):

    Outpatient diagnostic services. Offers consultations, CT, mammography, ultrasound, cardiology testing, imaging and pathology. Based at 30 Devonshire Street, 86-88 Harley Street and 16-18 Devonshire Street

    Name of referring clinician  Financial interest held
    TPC Newco (John Axford, Qasim Aziz, Huw Beynon, Pierre-Marc Bouloux, Carl Brookes, Michael Brown, Vanya Grant, Paul Glynne, Rajeev Gupta, Michael Hanna, Sam Janes, Alexander Lyon, Pamela Mangat, Hadi Manji, Richard Marley, Neal Navani, Malcolm Rustin, Edward Seward, Alexander Tidswell, Mark Vanderpump, Anthony Warrens, George Webster – via Webster Medical Ltd, Efthimia Karra, Ahmed Youseif, Animesh Singh via North West London Rheumatology Ltd, Amanda Varnava, Stuart Bloom via Stuart Bloom Ltd)  2.94%
    David Lawrence Consultants Ltd  0.45%
    Androfertility (Dr Tet Yap)  0.45%
    Mr Panny Kallis  0.45%
    Dr Barry Grimaldi Diagnostics Ltd (Dr Grimaldi)  0.45%
    Paul Ellis  0.45%
    I.A Dermatology Ltd (Dr Iaisha Ali)  0.40%
    Mr Arjun Shankar  0.36%
    Scooby Investments Ltd (Dr Nitish Sheth)  0.27%
    London Head & Neck Ltd (Nikolaos Kalavrezos)  0.20%
    Rapidology Ltd (Dr Anmol Malhotra)  0.20%
    Mr Chris Chan  0.18%
    Mr Sanjeev Bassi  0.16%
    Prof Ash Mosahebi  0.10%
    Mr Richard Selway  0.10%
    Dr Julian Hague  0.10%
    Harley Street Andrology Ltd (Mr Asif Muneer)  0.08%
    Khaled Dawas  0.06%
    Cardiac Consultants Ltd (Michael Mullen)  0.06%
    Denis Pellerin  0.06%
    Nima Heidari Ltd (Mr Nima Heidari)  0.05%
    Kent Breast Clinic Ltd (Mr Kasem)  0.05%
    London Surgical Associates (Mr Austin Obichere)  0.04%
    Prof Francis Vaz  0.04%
    Mr Ranjeev Bhangoo  0.04%
    Mr Gajen Kanaganayagam  0.04%
    Dimitri Hadjiminas  0.04%
    Cheshire Medical Services Ltd (Mr Tahir Khan)  0.04%
    Mr Kaveh Shakib  0.04%
    Prof Mark O'Neill  0.04%
    Private Urology London (Sudhanshu Chitale)  0.04%
    Miss T K Walters Ltd (Tena Walters)  0.04%
    Prof Pallav Shah  0.04%

    Robotic Radiosurgery LLP (established 2009):

    Non-invasive radiotherapy treatment commonly known as Cyberknife, based at 79 Harley Street.

    Name of Referring Clinician  Financial interest held
     Nick Plowman  2.71%
     Wellington Spine Ltd (Ben Taylor)  2.71%
     Paul Ellis  2.71%
     James Allibone  0.90%
     Bhupal Chitnavis  0.81%
     Keyoumars Ashkan  0.81%
     Richard Gullan  0.54%
     Amen Sibtain  0.54%
     Chris Nutting  0.54%
     John Yeh  0.54%
     Habib Ellamushi  0.54%
     Peter Harper  0.54%
     Dr Nihal Shah  0.54%
     Dr Sanjeev Bassi  0.54%
     Alison Jones  0.54%
     Sarah Harris  0.54%
     AMG Oncology Services (Andy Gaya)  0.54%

  • Referring clinicians who also hold other positions at HCA UK icon plus

    A number of doctors provide us with clinical guidance on how to deliver the best possible care to patients and run our hospitals safely and efficiently. We pay those doctors for this service at Fair Market Value (FMV) and we use an independent company to provide assurance around our FMV calculations.

    Many of these doctors work at more than one HCA facility. For ease of reference, therefore, you can find more information on any such medical advisory positions (including payments made by HCA to the doctor) on your doctor’s HCA biography webpage.

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