Kidney Stones Clinic: Diagnosis, management and an individual treatment plan

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Why choose us?

At the Kidney Stones Clinic, we establish an accurate diagnosis of your condition in order to tailor an individual treatment plan for each and every patient. We use blood and urine tests in combination with the most up to date imaging technologies. All of these are available onsite so we can offer you fast, and often same day, diagnostic tests. We can also review existing images that have been performed elsewhere.

The Kidney Stone Clinic is unique in offering a multidisciplinary approach with teaching hospital experts delivering the full range of treatment options. The experienced team have worked together for many years and aim to offer every patient the most seamless and effective care available, while ensuring each and every treatment plan is tailored to your individual needs.

Fast diagnosis and treatment

We offer same day appointments with a consultant so we can establish a diagnosis as soon as possible.

Non-Surgical treatment options

Lithotripsy is a non-surgical procedure often used as a first line treatment for kidney stones. Unlike surgical treatments lithotripsy does not require an incision to be made, can be performed under local anaesthetic and patients can go home shortly after the procedure.

Patient-focused care

Our patients are at the heart of what we do and have access to a Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist who is on hand to answer any questions and guide patients through their treatment.

Our team are always on hand to support you, even when you are discharged from our care.  

Success in treating complex cases

We are world-class experts in complex care and experienced in treating severe cases of kidney stones. 

Operations are carried out at our sister hospital, The Princess Grace Hospital, which houses the most up to date endoscopic equipment, including advanced endoscopic cameras and laser technologies to allow even the most complex stone to be accessed and extracted.

Patient journey

  • Initial Appointment icon plus

    We offer convenient appointment times so that our patients can receive a fast and accurate diagnosis and management plan. We can often accommodate same day bookings for urgent and emergency patients. During your initial appointment Mr Anson will discuss your symptoms and your medical history before deciding on the most appropriate investigations to be carried out. 
  • Investigation and diagnosis icon plus

    As with initial appointments, we can often offer same day blood and urine testing as well as renal ultrasound, CT and MRI scanning to minimise trips into hospital. All tests are performed on site within The Harley Street Clinic’s Diagnostic Centre where dedicated uroradiologists are available to report on your scans as soon as possible. 
  • Treatment icon plus

    Your consultant will discuss the results of your tests and scans and the treatment options available to you. We have minimal waiting times for surgery and if urgent treatment is required in severe cases of kidney stones, we can offer lithotripsy on the same day after your scans. Our lithotripsy machine is located at our sister hospital, London Bridge Hospital, if this treatment is the best option for you, you will be admitted and treated there. 

  • Post-Surgical Care icon plus

    The Kidney Stones Clinic has excellent success rates for all the urinary tract stone treatments offered and most patients who require surgery only require a day in hospital. Mr Anson’s team will be there for you during your stay and will arrange early post-operative follow-up to ensure all is going well.

Meet endourology experts

Highly experienced in complex care, Mr Ken Anson, Mr Marco Bolgeri and the multidisciplinary team at the clinic, offer rapid diagnostic assessment and a complete range of treatment options for kidney stone disease.

In addition, the team investigate and treat other urological conditions including urinary infections, obstruction and cancer of the kidneys and ureters.

Ken Anson Kidney Stone Clinic

Mr Ken Anson

Consultant Urological Surgeon

Marco Bolgeri endourology

Mr Marco Bolgeri

Consultant Urological Surgeon

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Contact us if you have would like book an appointments, our team can also answer any enquiries about the services we provide. 

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