The Head and Neck Centre provides specialist treatment and surgery for cancer and benign tumours

The Harley Street Clinic , 16 Devonshire Street , London, W1G 7AG

Known worldwide for its reputation in diagnosis and treatment of head and neck cancers

The Harley Street Clinic’s Head and Neck centre is one of the largest of its kind in the UK, providing a specialist service for the diagnosis, treatment and long-term care of patients with cancer of the mouth, jaw, throat and neck. It is our multidisciplinary team of eminent specialists that set us apart, providing a comprehensive and ever-evolving service and we often treat difficult and complex cases from all over the UK and overseas. 

We pride ourselves on taking a very holistic approach to treatment. This is why from diagnosis, through to treatment and aftercare, we guide our patients through each stage of their time with us - ensuring they feel completely confident and reassured about their care and recovery at our Head and Neck Centre.

  • One of the most distinguished private Head and Neck Cancer Centres in the UK
  • World leading head and neck surgeons and oncologists
  • Specialist pathologists and radiologists collaborating with surgeons to get the right diagnosis, every time
  • Dedicated speech and language and dietitians working closely with each patient
  • Ongoing supportive after care
  • State of the art facilities in central London including the latest technology and Level 3 Intensive Care Unit

Our multidisciplinary team

Our shared team vision is to have a patient-focused centre of excellence where the most renowned experts in head and neck conditions can work together. Established almost 20 years ago at The Harley Street Clinic, our head and neck consultants bring together in our weekly multidisciplinary team meeting, some of the UK’s most highly skilled clinicians.

Surgeons, oncologists, anaesthetists, radiotherapists and pathologists collaborate closely to create a care plan that is tailored to each patient’s specific condition and needs. 

Conditions we treat

We specialise in every aspect of head and neck disease and disorders.

Every part of the head and neck is a branch of medicine in itself to achieve the depth of understanding and experience to treat these conditions successfully, our team sub specialise in conditions and cancers affecting the mouth, larynx, nose, sinuses, thyroid glands and skin. 

Diagnostics with Professor Francis Vaz, Consultant ENT & Head & Neck Surgeon

Ultrasound gives us the ability to pinpoint issues and damage in the head and neck.

As a result, our leading surgeons - like Professor Francis Vaz, Consultant ENT & Head & Neck Surgeon at The Harley Street Clinic - can target treatment in less invasive ways.

Second opinion

There are many reasons why patients could be considering a second opinion, such as they are not confident that the correct diagnosis has been made or their condition has returned following treatment. It's best to get a second opinion soon and it’s never too late to seek one – even if you’ve already started treatment.

One-Stop Rapid Diagnosis

Each Friday, we provide a one-stop rapid diagnosis clinic at our 16 Devonshire Street Outpatient centre. Run by our team of consultant radiologists and pathologists, cell and tissue samples can be taken, analysed and discussed immediately.

Pathologists can determine on the spot whether samples are adequate or more tests are required to avoid patients coming in for repeat visits.Cytopathology is fundamental to the diagnosis of head and neck lumps, including enlarged lymph nodes, thyroid nodules and lumps in the salivary glands.

Consultants and surgeons can then swiftly determine the next stage of tests or treatment – often on the same day. For unequivocally benign results, patients can receive that reassurance immediately. 

My sarcoma journey – a story of personal transformation

When 30-year-old Egyptian national, Salma Kadry first learned that a head and neck sarcoma had grown back after chemo and radiotherapy, she was devastated. Salma had responded well to the first round of treatment, so this latest recurrence was a huge blow. Luckily, the climate scientist was put in touch with a highly experienced consultant head and neck surgeon in London, Mr Nick Kalavrezos, with specialist expertise in sarcomas.

Robert's story

The use of ultrasound in our diagnostic practice is assisting us in administering much less invasive treatment to our patients - like Robert, who encountered a persistent sore throat on holiday that revealed his diagnosis of tongue cancer.

Here Robert shares his experience as a patient with us at The Head and Neck Centre at The Harley Street Clinic.

John's story

68-year old retired investment banker John first realised something was wrong when he detected a lump on the side of neck in June 2020. At first he assumed it was a swollen tonsil, but as the lump began to grow he realised it might be something more serious. Read more on his experience with Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeon Professor Francis Vaz. 

Outstanding facilities, 24/7 care

Our Head and Neck Centre is located within The Harley Street Clinic in London’s famous medical district, with many of our patients travelling to receive treatment with us. We fully understand that staying in hospital can be an anxious time which is why we surround our patients with an experienced team to support them throughout their recovery.

From private en-suite bedrooms to a Level 3 Intensive Care Unit, from the very latest diagnostic technology to our outstanding levels of safety critical in the provision of complex care, we take a 24/7 multi model approach to each patient’s recovery. Patients are fully supported by teams with deep clinical knowledge combined with compassion and the time to dedicate to each patient. 

The Harley Street Clinic is the only facility within HCA to do complex head and neck surgery and stepping down patients with new tracheostomies and free flaps on the ward. We offer an excellent end-to-end patient experience, with a complex surgical ward and experienced nurses looking after artificial airways post-operation on the ITU, then continuing their care on the ward for as long as required. On the ward, we encourage independence and autonomy, but if patients have procedures such as a tracheostomy, there is a dedicated nurse on-hand to assist them.

We offer pre-operation advice on clothing, oral care and the patient journey, so patients know what to expect before checking in. More and more we are seeing younger patients with greater emotional needs, which we work hard to support. This could be linking them to relevant charities, including those that provide volunteers that speak different languages, and signposting to support groups.

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