Orthopaedic support services

Our aim is to get you back to an enjoyable, pain-free life as soon as possible. From the moment you meet your consultant, we’ll begin building a personalised care programme with you, including  scans (if required) to diagnose your symptoms, expert treatment at any one of our convenient locations, and post-treatment follow-up care.

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At a glance

Services to support you

Child's back exam - scoliosis

Before treatment

Your orthopaedic treatment doesn't begin and end at surgery. There may be non-surgical as well as surgical options to discuss.  Whichever option we know that pre-care and preparation leads to better outcomes, and faster recovery.

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During treatment

If surgery is required, your consultant will explain any potential risks or side effects at your consultation.  Our orthopaedic consultants meet regularly as part of a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) to discuss patients’ surgeries and get input from a range of leading experts.

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After treatment

Your consultant is supported by teams of orthopaedic nurse specialists, nutritionists, and physiotherapists.  They’ll design a treatment programme with the aim of getting you back on your feet as soon as possible.

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Orthopaedic multidisciplinary teams (MDTs)

No matter how complex your condition, we have the expertise to help at HCA UK. We’re able to draw on the knowledge of specialist consultants in all of the 10 orthopaedic fields. They meet to discuss individual patients, their conditions and treatment pathways, in sub specialism multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) sub specialisms.

Here, they’re able to draw on the combined expertise and experience of professionals including clinical nurse specialists, radiologists, dieticians, and physiotherapists to make sure you get the most effective, personalised treatment plan, underpinned by rigorous clinical governance structures.

How to book an appointment

Book your appointment

You can call us to arrange a consultation, or book online via our consultant directory. You’ll need to have your referral letter to hand, as well as your insurance member number and authorisation code if you have medical insurance. We aim to confirm all orthopaedic consultant appointments straight away. If we aren’t able to confirm there and then, we’ll contact you either by phone or email within 24 hours.

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