The Harley Street Clinic Campus

The Harley Street Clinic is comprised of a several facilities in the centre of London’s renowned medical district, offering a wide range of cutting-edge treatments and services in buildings steeped in history.

All of our facilities are within a short walking distance of one another and from nearby transport links. 

The Harley Street Clinic - Main building

The Main Clinic

Our Main Clinic sits on 35-37 Weymouth Street in the heart of Marylebone and is home to all our inpatient care, including our dedicated cardiac and oncology wards.

The Main Clinic includes a Level 3 adult Intensive Care Unit where patients receive 1-to-1 nursing care 24/7 as well housing our state-of-the-art theatres and cardiac catheter lab. We also have diagnostic facilities in this building, including CT and MRI Scanners

LOC at The Harley Street Clinic

LOC - Leaders in Oncology Care

At 95-97 Harley Street patients can find the flagship outpatients centre for Leaders in Oncology Care.

The multidisciplinary team here offer a wide range of services including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormonal therapy. The building houses dedicated consultation and counselling suites, calm and comfortable treatment rooms, an on-site laboratory and a pharmacy.

Devonshire Diagnostic Centre at The Harley Street Clinic

13-19 Devonshire Street: Devonshire Diagnostic Centre

From 13-19 Devonshire Street patients can access the full range of diagnostic tests, within modern and comfortable surroundings. We offer high-definition CT scans, MRI scans, digital X-rays, mammography, external and endoscopic ultrasound as well as the full range of cardiac diagnostics.

The Devonshire Street facility is also home to a number of our consultant-led specialist centres so that patients can benefit from fast and seamless access to the diagnostic services they need. 

The Harley Street Clinic - Molecular Imaging Centre

Molecular Imaging Centre

The Molecular Imaging Centre at 154 Harley Street is one of the UK’s most advanced diagnostic imaging facilities, offering patients diagnostic CT scanning and 3D imaging technology as well as a range of therapies guided by nuclear medicine.

Located at the very top of Harley Street, we have a latest generation PET-CT scanner and two gamma cameras to offer fast and highly accurate diagnoses of complex diseases.

The Harley Street Clinic - 78 Harley Street

78 Harley Street

78 Harley Street sits seconds away from our Main Clinic and contains a number of consulting rooms as well as offering non-invasive cardiology testing such as electrocardiogram (ECG), exercise tests and blood pressure monitoring.

The Harley Street Clinic - 81 Harley Street

81-83 Harley Street

We offer radiotherapy at this location and there are a number of consulting rooms and comfortable and modern treatment suites on the first floor, which are part of Leaders in Oncology Care (LOC)
The Harley Street Clinic - 88 Harley Street

88 Harley Street

As well as housing a number of consulting rooms, patients may visit 88 Harley Street for non-invasive cardiology testing.

It also houses a cardiac scanning suite, where patients can access the highest precision image resolution and lowest-dose radiation cardiac CT scanner in the UK.
110 The Harley Street Clinic location

110 Harley Street

110 Harley Street houses a small number of modern and spacious consulting rooms and is just minutes from our Main Clinic and seconds away from our dedicated diagnostic facility.

Research technology at Sarah Cannon Research Institute

Sarah Cannon Research Centre

The Sarah Cannon Research Institute at 93 Harley Street is a world-leading clinical trials facility specialising in the development of new therapies and precision medication for cancer patients.

We proudly offer patients access to pioneering new drugs and treatments -  the first UK trials unit outside of the NHS that has the ability to offer new anti-cancer drugs in clinical trials. 

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