Providing unplanned and acutely unwell oncology patients with the round-the-clock care they need

The Harley Street Clinic , 35 Weymouth Street , London, , W1G 8BJ

About our Enhanced Oncology Unit

The Enhanced Oncology Unit (EOU) has been developed to offer severely unwell oncology patients the safest care available at their time of need. Situated within the main hospital, the ward has been carefully designed with severely ill oncology patients in mind, but is open to all patients who may require higher levels of monitoring and support than those found on a routine ward while not requiring admission to critical care. This a specialist unit for consultants to refer their patients to.

Patients receive 24/7 monitoring and support from a team of multidisciplinary staff who can safely oversee transfer to and from our ICU if necessary and are well-experienced in caring for patients with urgent and complex needs.

Our EOU offers:

  • 24/7 rapid referral service
  • 24/7 consultant led service
  • Easy to access
  • ICU non-invasive ventilation
  • Cardiac telemonitoring in every room
  • Safe and easy transfer to critical care
  • Access to state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities

Patients we support

Patients likely to benefit from admission include, but are not limited to:
  • Requiring enhanced monitoring
  • Requiring additional medical support
  • Requiring safe management of existing comorbidities
  • Undergoing specific surgical interventions
  • Patients determined unsuitable for ICU admission

Our multidisciplinary approach

Here at The Harley Street Clinic we pride ourselves on the quality of our multidisciplinary approach to care, and the EOU is a shining example of this.

Staff work closely together to respond to the complex needs of patients on the ward as well as safely ensuring the transfer of patients to and from a Critical Care area when needed.

All our oncology staff have undergone vigorous advanced training on management of acutely unwell patients and closely follow national guidelines for the management of adult patients who have a cancer diagnosis.

World-class teams

There is a dedicated specialist consultant on hand 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Patients are also supported by highly-qualified and individually chosen resident medical officers (RMOs), clinical nurse specialists, pharmacists and access to therapy support and a dietician. Every member of the team is committed to providing each patient with the highest-level of care available.

How do I make an admission?

  • Making a referral icon plus

    Consultants can refer patients directly contacting our Duty Nurse Manager on 07850 502 705 before sending a booking form and Clinic Letter to our Reservations Team at

    A bed is booked, as well as theatre space if necessary, and the final confirmation of reservation is given to the consultant along with a handover email on admission. Consultants will be kept fully informed about their patient’s treatment and progression.

  • Paying for hospital admission icon plus

    Pre-authorisation for acute medical admissions, investigation and treatment should always be obtained from the private medical insurer. This may not always be possible in a medical emergency and in situations where pre-authorisation from the private medical insurer has not been obtained, patients will be treated as self-pay patients and a deposit will be required by the hospital on admission.

Our safety protocols

The Harley Street Clinic has been providing complex care for decades, which means the infrastructure to ensure the safety of patients has been in place long before the pandemic. Nevertheless, we adapted at pace to ensure new and enhanced safety and hygiene measures were placed at the heart of every clinic, ward and department of the hospital.

From temperature checks at every hospital entrance to increased cleaning of patient rooms, the EOU at The Harley Street Clinic has been developed to go above and beyond national safety guideline.

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