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Your brain is your most complex organ and the command centre for practically everything you feel and do. We understand how worrying a neurological disorder can be for you and your loved ones — and how important it is to access a diagnosis and treatment plan as quickly as possible.

The Harborne Hospital in Birmingham is part of the HCA Healthcare UK network, which is renowned for managing and treating even the most challenging neurological conditions. When you choose The Harborne Hospital, you’ll have rapid access to a team of highly skilled specialists who will review your symptoms and arrange diagnostic tests, using state-of-the-art equipment and technology. We’ll provide you with comprehensive care, and you’ll be cared for by experts who specialise in your specific condition.

Why choose The Harborne Hospital?

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    Leading neurologists and neurosurgeons

    With a reputation for successfully managing and treating even the most challenging neurological conditions.

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    Fast access to care

    When you make an appointment, our expert consultants will see you within days.

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    A seamless experience, personalised to your condition

    We tailor treatments to meet your needs - from testing and diagnosis, to pre- and post-operative and ongoing care.

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    Intensive Treatment Unit

    For one-to-one, 24-hour critical care for complex conditions.

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    A multidisciplinary team approach

    Combining the care and expertise from neurologists, radiologists, neurosurgeons, oncologists, physiotherapists, clinical nurse specialists and more.

The latest neurological diagnostics

Our expert imaging teams use state-of-the-art technology to give you the most accurate results possible.

Our tests and scans include:

Conditions we treat

Our specialists are here to develop an ongoing care plan to help you live as actively as possible. This can include regular assessment of your medicine, surgical options and creating a personalised rehabilitation program.

We can help you with symptoms such as dizziness, visual problems, hearing problems, fatigue and weakness. Some of the conditions we treat include:

  • Parkinson’s disease: including medicines and surgical options which may help alleviate the symptoms of tremor, slow movement and stiff muscles.
  • Multiple sclerosis: including medications to reduce relapses and slow the disease.
  • Motor neurone disease: including medicines to relieve muscle stiffness and to help make swallowing easier, physiotherapy to reduce stiffness and psychological and emotional support to help you manage.
  • Epilepsy: including anti-epileptic drugs to help manage the symptoms of your seizures and in some cases surgery.
  • Peripheral neuropathy: depending on the cause, treatment options can include medication and injections.
  • Neuromuscular diseases: diseases that cause weakness and wastage in your muscles, including muscular dystrophy, myasthenia gravis and ALS.
  • Brain haemorrhage: with medication and in most cases minimally invasive techniques our neurosurgeons and radiologists can prevent additional bleeds and reduce the risk of secondary damage.
  • Brain tumours: care from a network of neurology and oncology specialists who can help diagnose and treat different types of brain tumours.

Treatments we offer

Using the latest knowledge and clinical data we will create a personalised treatment or care plan for your needs and condition.

Some of our treatment options include:

Neuro caring Neuro caring Neuro caring

Our expert team of leading neurologists and neurosurgeons

Our consultants specialise in all areas of neurology and can help you with conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, stroke, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis.

Many neurologists across our teams are involved in major clinical trials and research studies, so you can be assured that you’re accessing the latest thinking and expert opinions about your condition.

Multidisciplinary teams are a fundamental part of your treatment. This means you’ll have seamless and collaborative care from a team that covers all of your needs, including: specialist consultants, neurologists, radiologists, neurosurgeons, physiotherapists, clinical nurse specialists and other healthcare professionals.

Our neuroscience team meets regularly to share knowledge and determine the best treatment options  for even the most complex cases.

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