Start growing your own veggies

To help you get started The Lister Hospital are giving away free packets of spinach seeds.

You can collect a goody bag from outside the Health in Full Bloom garden from the 20th - 25th May.

Subject to availability (first-come, first-served basis)


Why should I grow spinach?

There are many health benefits around most vegetables but spinach individually offers up five great health benefits:

  • Restores energy and increases vitality 
  • Good source of magnesium and iron
  • Improves the quality of blood 
  • Excellent source of vitamin K (important for maintaining bone health)
  • Rich in vitamin A, Vitamin C and folate

Grow flowers and crops on walls or fences

Is there somewhere you can fit a wall bracket, or railings where you’re able to sling a hanging planter over?

Often you think that veggies can’t be grown unless you have space at grass level but in fact, veggies can be grown in the most unusual of places. 

For flowers, think of those that don't need to be planted deeply such as geraniums or trailing verbena.

A taste of the Med – grow herbs on balconies, terraces and windowsills

Not all herbs can cope with the inevitable winds that are found on UK balconies and terraces. However, Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary and thyme can be easily grown there. Vegetables such as beetroot, carrots and dwarf beans can also comfortably shrug off the wind in raised beds. 

Shady windowsills should be the home for spinach, watercress, mint, tarragon and parsley. For windowsills with access to the sun, samphire will flourish with a tablespoon of sea salt in its water and nasturtiums love sunny spots, adding colour to your sill and a touch of summer to your salad.

Growing flowers, fruit and vegetables in courtyards

If you have a sheltered, sunny courtyard, why not fill it with large terracotta pots and grow figs, chillies, blueberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, borage and courgettes (you can eat their flowers too).

Courtyards often create a mini-climate all of their own, walls and plants help protect and insulate the courtyard helping to maintain an even temperature as well as limit the amount of wind buffering the plants. 

Cooking with spinach: Five popular recipes

Once you've success fully grown and harvested your spinach, there are a number of tasty light meals that you can create using this green ingredient.

chickpea curry
Chickpea, tomato and spinach curry

A tasty vegan curry

From the BBC Good Food Network, why not try this spice infused curry, with ribbons of spinach running through it.

Spinach Feta chicken recipe
Spinach and feta-stuffed chicken

A comfort food classic with a touch of spinach

This Simply Delicious recipe, takes a whole roast chicken, on cutting the spinach and feta cheese flow out.

Spinach and Ricotta Lasagne recipe
Spinach and ricotta lasagne

A traditional Italian combination of spinach and ricotta

We share Jamie Oliver's recipe for a vegetarian lasagne packed with spinach.

Spiced spinach potato cakes
Spiced spinach and potato cakes with poached eggs

Ideal as a light supper

Delicious magazine have a superb meat-free spiced potato cake with spinach and poached eggs.

Spinach stuffed mushrooms
Spinach and bacon stuffed mushrooms

An alternative to the traditional stuffed mushrooms and loaded with flavour.

Skinnytaste focuses on healthy options for families. This recipe adds a twist to the favourite stuffed mushroom and is full of goodness.

Nutrition and fertility

Nutrition and male fertility

What you eat can directly affect your health. Diet can have a real impact on fertility in particular.

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