Women's Health Services at The Lister Hospital

The Lister Hospital , Chelsea Bridge Road , London, SW1W 8RH

Leaders in Womens' health, diagnostics, surgery and care

As a leading private hospital, we offer specialist care across the full spectrum of women’s health services. When visiting us at The Lister Hospital you will benefit from the expertise of world-renowned consultants, each of whom come together as a multidisciplinary team to discuss your individual needs.

This vast experience, combined with our access to pioneering technology, makes us perfectly placed to care for you during every step of your pathway. We tailor all care to your individual needs, appreciating the sensitive nature of certain conditions as we treat a wide range of health problems in a caring and supportive environment.

Caring for you at The Lister Hospital

Our Women's Health service is designed to make seeking medical advice, investigations and treatment easier.

At our main hospital we provide consultations, diagnostic tests and scans, and hospital facilities should you need day case treatment, surgery or an inpatient stay.

Our departments


We provide a breadth of expertise and supportive services for a wide range of conditions that can affect the female reproductive system, from urinary tract infections to ovarian cancer. Our consultant gynaecologists and physicians are here to advise you on any aspect of your reproductive health, including fertility problems, contraception, abnormal smear tests and difficulties associated with the menopause.


Nutritional advice from our dietitians is readily available to ease symptoms and issues such as IBS, constipation, interstitial cystitis, weight loss or gain, poor appetite and low iron or vitamin D levels.


Our rehabilitative care combines a number of holistic specialties to help get you back to health quickly and effectively and to reduce your risk of future injury. We treat the full range of injuries, from musculoskeletal pain to postnatal patients, and our physiotherapy service is integrated within our occupational health service, offering a seamless journey from GP appointment all the way through to workplace adaptations. 

Throughout our hospital campus we also offer specialists clinics to ensure you had access to specialist dedicated treatment for a number of conditions such as endometriosis, umbilical hernias and the menopause. Find our more below about these specialist clinics

Dedicated Women’s Health Centre at Chelsea Outpatient Centre

At our centre, our multidisciplinary team of experts, including some of the UK’s finest consultants, deliver clinical care of the highest quality. We take great pride in ensuring our patients benefit from our comprehensive women’s health and wellbeing service – available to patients of all ages. We tailor all care to our patients’ individual needs, appreciating the sensitive nature of certain conditions as we treat a wide range of health problems in a caring and supportive environment. Above all else, patients can be assured they will receive the very best care from us at all times, delivered by an exceptional team of medical staff dedicated to helping patients gain a better understanding of our patients’ health, whatever their stage in life.

From highly specialised fertility treatment to innovative bone density scanning, we offer the full range of women’s health services including:

  • Bone Health
  • Gynaecology
  • Menopausal Health
  • Health and Wellbeing Screening
  • Nutrition and Exercise

We provide rapid access to diagnostic imaging including Mammography, DEXA Bone Density scanning, Ultrasound and X-Ray.

For more information or assistance with booking an appointment with a consultant, call 020 7881 4114

One-stop Breast Unit

Delivering the highest standard of breast care 

We understand it can be a particularly difficult and emotional time for many patients visiting us with breast concerns. This is why we pride ourselves on ensuring that no matter what your condition, you are made to feel comfortable at all times. Most patients with symptomatic breast lumps have a benign disease. However, if you are diagnosed with breast cancer, be assured our world-class, multidisciplinary team of consultants will tailor a treatment plan specific to your condition.

Our One-stop Breast Unit offers a highly specialised service covering all aspects of breast care, from diagnosis through to treatment and aftercare. Breast screening at The Lister Hospital is available to all patients, where any irregularities are found using the latest  state-of-the-art scanning and imaging equipment.

Excellence in endometriosis care

Endometriosis is the second most common gynaecological condition in the UK, it affects as many people as diabetes. Yet its complexity makes it harder to diagnose and treat and requires highly specialist care. For women living with endometriosis, getting access to the right healthcare at the right time is critical.

Headed up by lead consultant, Mr Shaheen Khazali, the Centre for Endometriosis and Minimally Invasive Gynaecology brings together leading experts in the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis, to offer centralised care to for those diagnosed with complex endometriosis. The centre's world-class consultants which include gynaecologists, colorectal surgeons, thoracic surgeons and urologists, offer patients personally tailored care plans to address even the most challenging symptoms.

Our multidisciplinary centralised approach offers new hope for those living with the condition, within a warm, welcoming space at The Lister Hospital.

One-stop Menopause Clinic

The menopause is a natural part of ageing, and every woman will go through it. If your symptoms are becoming problematic, or if they’re interfering with your everyday life, you can turn to specialists at The Menopause Clinic.

Located at The Lister Hospital in Chelsea, the opening of this clinic has marked the evolution of the hospital as a true centre of excellence for women’s health. Led by consultant gynaecologist Ms Tania Adib, the weekly clinical service offers a welcoming space for you to gain the specialist information and support you need at what can be  a challenging time. 

The full range of menopausal symptoms are treated and specialist diagnostics include mammogram, DEXA scans, pelvic ultrasound and hormonal blood tests.


Specialist Centre for Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Led by renowned General Surgeon, Mr Arjun Shankar and comprised of internationally-renowned consultants from the UK’s leading abdominal wall and complex hernia units within the NHS, our Specialist Centre for Abdominal Wall Reconstruction treats a wide range of abdominal wall problems, from umbilical and groin hernias to more complex conditions such as recurrent hernias and tumours. We also specialise in postpartum abdominal wall reconstruction.

We treat patients from all over the UK and overseas who come to us for our specialist expertise and knowledge and our unrivalled experience means we see more patients requiring Abdominal Wall Reconstructions that any other private provider in the UK.

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