Specialising in common and complex medical conditions in the hepatobiliary and gastrointestinal system

Whatever further care you might need, The Harley Street Clinic is fully-equipped to treat both the most common and most complex conditions. Our team can treat a number of conditions including: 


Benign Conditions

• Gallstones
• Pancreatic cysts
• Pancreatitis
• Hernias
• Bile duct injuries, stones and strictures
• Upper GI disease

Malignant conditions

• Pancreatic and bile duct cancers
• Gallbladder cancer
• Hepatocellular cancer
• Cholangiocarcinoma
• Sarcoma
• Neuroendocrine tumours
• Liver metastases from different primary cancers
• Multi-organ and multi visceral resections for other cancers e.g. colorectal, renal and gastric cancer
• Rare intra-abdominal tumours / retroperitoneal tumours

Cancer Care

We treat a range of tumour types within the Unit, including pancreatic, biliary, hepatocellular, sarcomas and neuroendocrine cancer. We can also treat metastatic tumours that have spread from other parts of the body, such as the stomach or bowel or locally advanced more common cancers.

When patients require cancer treatment, our team will work together to determine the most appropriate treatment option for you, such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy and patients often receive a combination of treatments. We have excellent surgical outcomes for resections, where part of the organ containing the tumour is removed, as well as keyhole surgery.

We understand the devastating impact that a cancer diagnosis can have, which is why patients can also access a range of supportive therapies at LOC (Leaders in Oncology Care).

Complex surgery

Coming into hospital for surgery can be daunting, which is why we offer all our patients access to the highest-level of expert surgical care in safe, comfortable surroundings. From gallbladder removal to hernia repair, our consultants have decades of surgical experience and offer excellent surgical outcomes for all the procedures they carried out. Both Mr Arjun Shankar and Professor Giuseppe Fusai are well-experienced in carrying out keyhole surgery, which allows surgeons to access the inside of the abdomen through a small incision with the aid of a camera and where possible can use this method to avoid open surgery.

No matter how serious your condition may be, at The Harley Street Clinic you’ll be looked after in comfortable inpatient facilities and receive the highest level of consultant and nursing care during your stay to ensure you’re recovering well.

Benign conditions

We also routinely treat patients for common and benign conditions such as pancreatitis, hernias, gallstones, cysts and polyps, with both Professor Fusai and Mr Shankar experienced in carrying out some of the most complex cases of gallstones and hernias in the UK.

Gallstones in particular, is a very common condition affecting one in every ten adults in the UK, where small stones of cholesterol develop in the gallbladder or near the bile duct. Our team regularly remove larger stones using minimally-invasive procedures, requiring very little down time. 

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