Private Ganglion Cyst Removal in London

Removal of a ganglion cyst associated with a joint or tendon sheath.

Ganglion is a type of cyst which can be drained using a needle (aspiration) or removed with a minor surgical procedure

What is a ganglion cyst?

A ganglion cyst is a bump that usually appears on the fingers or wrist.

Its exact causes are unknown, although it is thought to be a leakage of synovial fluid from the joint or tendon.

While benign, a ganglion can be unsightly, may cause pain and can even restrict movement. We can offer two main options for treating them.

Need to know

  • What happens during a ganglion removal? icon plus

    An aspiration is quick and straightforward with little or no pain. The fluid-filled cyst is drained using a needle and can sometimes be combined with an injection of steroids.

    In some cases, such as if a previously drained ganglion has returned, your consultant may recommend surgery to remove it.

    If surgery is advised this could be carried out as an arthroscopic (keyhole) procedure using a small camera or using open surgery. Both types of surgery can be carried out under either local or general anaesthetic.
  • How to prepare for a ganglion removal icon plus

    Your consultant will talk you through which type of treatment they recommend for you, and answer any questions you may have.

    If you're having a ganglion removed under general anaesthetic, they'll also let you know how long you should avoid eating and drinking beforehand.

    There are potential risks and side effects involved with any surgical procedure, and your consultant will discuss these with you.
  • After the ganglion has been removed icon plus

    You should be able to go home immediately after an aspiration. You'll have a plaster over the area where the needle was inserted, which you should keep on for a few hours.

    If you're having surgery, you should be able to return home the same day. Your consultant will explain how to care for the area until it is fully healed. They may even recommend hand therapy to help with your recovery.

Cost Of Ganglion Cyst Removal

Hospital stay and procedure

Prices from

£1,899 subject to the specifics of your treatment as recommended by your consultant.

Expected length of stay

1 day


Before admission

  • Pre-assessment

During your hospital stay

  • Accommodation in a standard room as quoted above.
  • Routine admission tests
  • Patient meals are included but not transferable.
  • Nursing care and facilities
  • Theatre fees, drugs and dressings
  • Removal of stitches, dressing and plaster as required.
  • Take home medication 


  • Any additional nights in hospital not described in the above.
  • Specialist nursing above and beyond required level of care.
  • Any post-operative treatments/consultations which may be required.
  • Any additional or more complex procedures not included in our initial agreement.
  • Any readmission due to complications will result in additional charges in line with our standard prices.
  • Personal costs including visitors’ meals and drinks as well as newspapers.
  • Any costs not specified as included.

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