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Foreskin removal

Removal of the retractable fold of skin that covers the end of the penis


The foreskin is the retractable fold of skin that covers the end of the penis. The procedure to remove it, known as circumcision, is carried out for religious, cultural, or medical reasons, including where the foreskin:

- is too tight
- becomes infected
- develops cancer

Need to know

  • What happens icon plus

    Circumcisions are usually carried out under general anaesthetic. However, you may be able to have a spinal or local anaesthetic to numb the area. If your child is being circumcised, they'll probably have local anaesthetic instead of general. Once you're anaesthetised, your surgeon will use surgical scissors or a scalpel to detach your foreskin (the sleeve of skin that surrounds the head of the penis). They will then seal any blood vessels with heat (cauterisation) and close the edges of your skin with dissolvable stitches. The procedure takes around 45 minutes.
  • How to prepare icon plus

    ​As with all procedures, there may be some risks and side effects. Your consultant will explain these to you and answer any questions you may have. You'll be asked to sign a consent form — either for yourself or on behalf of your child. If you're having general anaesthetic, your consultant will let you know how long you should avoid eating and drinking before your procedure.
  • Afterwards icon plus

    You should be able to go home the same day. Please arrange for someone to collect you as you won't be able to drive. It usually takes about 10 days for your penis to heal initially but the process continues for four to six weeks. It'll take about the same amount of time for the swelling to subside. If your child has been circumcised, it could take up to two weeks. You'll probably have some discomfort for a few days, so feel free to use pain relief as directed by your consultant. They'll let you know when you can get back to your usual routine, but you shouldn't have sex for at least four weeks and you'll need to take a few days off work.

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