February 12, 2012

You don't have to face the fight alone

A new Macmillan Cancer Support study says that one in four newly diagnosed cancer patients lacks support from family and friends in, helping them cope with diagnosis and treatment. A staggering 70,000 patients don’t feel as though those closest to them give them enough help and 20,000 patients say they have to face cancer alone.

At Harley Street at University College Hospital, we offer the full range of holistic care to ensure patients who receive treatment with us have access to all the support they need.

Maureen Roysten-Lee, Lead Consultant Counselling Psychologist said, “Our patients are seen by a healthcare professional when they are admitted as either in-patients or out-patients. If the patient tells us about issues involving a lack of support, they are introduced to the Patient Support and Information Service via our Macmillan Centre. They are given details on how they may access the psychological services that are available, free of charge.”

“This Includes complementary therapies (aromatherapy, reflexology and reiki) provided by our senior complementary therapists and psychological counselling by a team of Chartered Counselling Psychologists. Because our service is a self-referral service, patients do not need to be referred by their doctor or nurse.”

“In my experience, most of our patients have support from family and friends but those who are alone value greatly the emotional support from my team and from our Macmillan volunteers. This is highlighted in our biannual patient satisfaction audits, in which patients describe our department as “like a family” I think that says it all!”

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