How can HCA UK help with a second opinion?

If you would like to discuss your cancer diagnosis, explore your options or simply confirm that what you have been recommended is the best course of treatment for you, a second opinion can help.

Asking for another opinion is very common within both the NHS and private healthcare so you shouldn't worry about causing offence. It can also help you decide between different treatment options and help you make an informed decision about what's best for you.

A second opinion at HCA UK can also include access to our clinical trials expertise at the Sarah Cannon Research Institute. This gives you the option to explore if a clinical trial could form part of your treatment plan.

Seeking a second opinion on cancer care

  • Reasons to consider a second opinion: icon plus

    • To be confident that the correct diagnosis has been made.
    • To make sure that all of your questions have been answered and you fully understand the information you have been given.
    • To ensure the treatment you have been recommended is the best option for you and all options have been thoroughly explored, including access to specific treatments and therapies.
    • Your condition has returned after treatment and you would like to explore what options are now available to you.
    • You are interested in clinical trials related to your condition
    • Your current doctor has advised that there are no further treatment options available to you.

Second opinion locations

Our oncologists and surgeons who provide second opinions, in regard to a cancer diagnosis, hold consultations at locations around the HCA UK network. The main locations are as follows, however other clinic locations may be available and these will be offered, where available, during the booking.  

Book a second opinion appointment

Do you have any questions about our Second Opinion service, or would you like to make an appointment? Just get in touch with our Second Opinion cancer care team and we'll be happy to help.

020 7317 2504
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