As the UK's largest private hospital for complex care, The Wellington Hospital has been at the forefront of pioneering medical treatment, including expert cardiac care, for almost 50 years. Thousands of patients come from all over the world come to The Wellington Hospital every year to be treated by over 800 specialists, many of whom are recognised as leaders in their field.

At The Wellington, we’ve made it our mission to ensure patients with very complex needs receive the very safest, highest quality care available anywhere in the world.
It’s with good reason that the Leaders in Heart Rhythm Care are based at The Wellington Hospital. The reputation of the hospital, renowned for complex tertiary care, has long attracted the very best practitioners in the field. We have access to a team of general cardiologists and leading specialists on site. And we can be sure every patient will benefit from the highest levels of medical care and attention – in the safest possible environment

Dr Anthony Chow , Consultant cardiologist and electrophysiologist

Multidisciplinary excellence

The Wellington Hospital leads the way in offering a fully integrated multidisciplinary approach, for faster, smoother, more responsive treatment pathways. 

State-of-the-art cath labs

Based in an outstanding, ultra-modern environment, our cutting edge labs are kitted out with the very latest treatment technologies and devices, ensuring the most successful outcomes.

Round-the-clock, expert care

We offer seamless access to all the specialist and high dependency facilities at The Wellington Hospital, offering an important safety net for patients with more complex needs.

The hospital’s expert intensive care unit is located nearby and offers an ITU outreach team for on-ward consultations. We have fully equipped surgical theatres next door and a team of cardiac surgeons on hand, with access to the dedicated cardiac ward. 

And a highly qualified cardiology-specialist registrar is on site, day and night, ensuring the highest levels of medical care for vulnerable patients. 


Extensive safety measures

In the face of extraordinary challenge, healthcare has been transformed, but our dedication to safe, high-quality care has remained the same. When you visit us, you will notice we have put new measures in place to support this.

From extra infection prevention measures, to the layout of our hospitals with social distancing in mind, everything we do has been reviewed to make sure we are providing the safest places for your care. These measures are guided by both national and international best practice. 

As the COVID-19 situation changes, so too will the measures we have in place. You can keep up to date here with our screening and testing protocols. Plus, see how we’re supporting virtual consultations, and find out what to do to prepare for surgery. 

Our clinical governance, extensive cleaning protocols and outstanding infection control, all ensure the very best outcomes for every patient.

When it comes to private hospital facilities, The Wellington Hospital is head and shoulders above the rest. It’s very modern, ultra clean and offers an incredibly safe environment. I feel more assured taking my patients to The Wellington than any other hospital – and I know my patients feel really reassured about being treated there

Dr Raj Khiani, Consultant cardiologist and electrophysiologist

Access via our Urgent Care Centre

Our UCC offers a fast and convenient access point for patients with a heart rhythm problem. They’ll be seen by one of our specialists quite quickly and we’ll be able to advise them on next steps.

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To make an appointment with one of our specialist cardiac electrophysiologists, or to refer your patient, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss any questions you may have.

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