Cardiac patient stories

Swimmer overcomes atrial fibrillation with gold medal glory

Andrew, 58, was training for a triathlon when he had his first occurrence of atrial fibrillation, causing palpitations and shortness of breath.
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Solving Alex’s undiagnosed heart condition

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Chris's story: Atrial fibrillation

Since he was a teenager, Chris (now 44) had suffered from an irregular heartbeat. Whenever his heart would beat too fast, he was told he was having a panic attack.

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Life-saving heart surgery

David's story
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Treating Helaina's heart rhythm disorder

Helaina from Northamptonshire was just 16 when she began experiencing unusual symptoms, including shortness of breath and heart palpitations, which rapidly worsened. She was otherwise fit, healthy and a huge lover of the great outdoors, leading to her family to grow concerned.
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"Time is of the essence with my heart, as I have diabetes"

First-time visit to the UK for complex cardiac surgery

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Joel’s heart surgery

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Susan's journey to heart health

A family history of cardiac issues and annual check-ups unveiled a series of new conditions.