Leaders in Heart Rhythm Care: Leading specialists offering a unique treatment centre for heart rhythm conditions

The Wellington Hospital, North Building , St John's Wood , London, NW8 6PD

About us at LHRC

Leaders in Heart Rhythm Care (LHRC) is a team of consultant cardiologists who specialise in diagnosing and treating complex arrhythmias. With ten leading clinical electrophysiologists working together as one team, we are proud to be one of the UK’s largest specialist units for heart rhythm conditions. 

Our dedicated service offers a fast, seamless treatment pathway for patients experiencing palpitations, blackouts and other symptoms of heart rhythm disorders. 

Complete end-to-end heart rhythm care

We can offer you everything you need for your arrhythmia at LHRC – all under one roof. That includes initial investigations, the latest tests and diagnostics, medical management of your symptoms, all the way through to any surgical procedures you may need, in our state-of-the-art cath labs. 

It means patients not only enjoy faster, more seamless treatment pathways, but they can start and complete their treatment in one place, benefitting from all the expert care they need, without having to visit different doctors. And, because we bring together the leading minds in the study and treatment of arrhythmias, you can be sure you’ll receive the definitive treatment or procedure for any heart rhythm symptom. 

With ten leading specialists on hand, we have one of the most experienced teams of heart rhythm experts anywhere in the UK. Collectively, our consultants perform over a thousand heart rhythm-related surgical interventions each year, ensuring they’re always up to date with the very latest treatments, techniques and technologies.

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Premier medical facilities

Based within The Wellington Hospital’s internationally renowned centre of excellence for cardiac care, we also offer our patients unlimited access to the facilities and expert medical support of the UK’s leading private hospital.

We ensure that any procedure or treatment you undergo at LHRC takes place in the safest possible medical environment.

Specialist cardiac support

Our team-based, collaborative approach is key to our clinical practice, and the main reason we’ve become known as THE place to go for an expert opinion on heart rhythm disorders.

Our specialists consult regularly with their peers, sharing insights on clinical work and discussing treatment approaches and possible procedures and pathways for each case. Often, consultants will team up to perform a complex procedure together. 
Our consultative approach means we discuss treatment plans and surgical approaches to a far greater depth. I think this high level of peer consideration, consultation and experience sharing is a huge benefit for the patient, leads to better consensus on how to manage each case, and better outcomes for the patient

Dr Afzal Sohaib, Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist

Our multi-disciplinary approach

All LHRC consultants work together with a group of diverse professionals from multiple disciplines. Our regular multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings bring a wide range of experts around the table to review each case:

  • Ten leading consultant electrophysiologists
  • Two highly experienced cardiac clinical nurse specialists (CNS), Usha Gopalan and Obed Sardar, who can offer patients expert advice and support on their treatment plans
  • Our team of cardiology imaging specialists who review diagnostic scans
  • Our leading cardiomyopathy (heart muscle) specialists with whose interest in inherited heart problems can shed light on diagnostics and treatment pathways 

Different types of cardiologist: Plumbers and Electricians

If you have symptoms such as palpitations, irregular or missed beats, dizziness or loss of consciousness you may want to see a heart rhythm specialist
Dr Michael Koa-Wing

Consultant cardiologist

Cardiologist Dr Michael Koa-Wing explains the difference between the types of cardiologists and the types of symptoms or conditions the Leaders in Heart Rhythm Care treat.

Contact Us

To make an appointment with one of our specialist cardiac electrophysiologists, or to refer your patient, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss any questions you may have.


For urgent attention, please visit our Urgent Care Centre in St John’s Wood. Any time between 8am and 8pm – no appointment needed.

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