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Welcome to the Lister Fertility Clinic at The Portland

You can now access Lister Fertility Clinic’s exceptional private fertility services at The Portland Hospital, the UK’s only private hospital solely dedicated to the care of women and children.

The Portland Hospital is pleased to launch the Lister Fertility Clinic at its main hospital site, led by Consultant Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist Mr Rehan Salim. We are delighted to offer the full range of fertility treatments at The Portland to ensure that patients in central London can access the high quality, evidence based care that our sister clinic in Chelsea has been recognised for.

We are partnering with some of London’s leading consultants to bring you unrivalled expertise in central London.

Why choose us?

Our Philosophy

Fertility clinics often have different criteria on who they are willing to treat, based on factors like age, markers of low ovarian reserve (such as FSH and AMH Levels) and previous treatment history. As a new fertility service we share the philosophy of the Lister Fertility Clinic in treating all patients with the potential to succeed. 

We don’t believe that the final decision on whether to treat should be ours alone: as long as we have accurately advised patients of their chances, those with a low likelihood of success should also be offered fertility treatment if they wish. Patients can also attend as many counselling sessions as they need throughout treatment and beyond.

Our fertility specialists

Our team of doctors have a wealth of experience and established reputations in managing all aspects of fertility treatment, reproductive health and assisted reproduction for those with problems conceiving.

Consisting of only GMC accredited subspecialists, including clinicians holding senior positions in leading teaching hospitals in London, whether you are a couple undergoing treatment for the first time, or one of the more complicated cases that we specialise in, we will be able to individualise treatment according to your specific fertility needs.

Why choose to have your Fertility care at The Portland Hospital?

The Portland Hospital is the only private hospital in the UK dedicated to the healthcare needs of women, children and their families. As the UK's leading private maternity hospital that prides itself on offering women a choice of care in a safe environment, the team are delighted to offer fertility treatment in partnership with their sister facility, Lister Fertility Clinic, to offer patients ongoing support in their journey to parenthood.

Patients of the clinic have their own consultant, who personally plans and leads their care, as well as having access to the wider team at all levels (doctors, nurses and embryologists). Each doctor is a highly qualified gynaecologist with specialist fertility training who can manage all aspects of fertility treatment.

The Lister Fertility Clinic also provides a free of charge, unique counselling service of ‘Open Door’ sessions to anyone going through treatments both before, during treatment and beyond. The clinic believes this provides a level of patient support, which cannot be found in any other UK Fertility Clinic.


Located within a hospital, our facility offers the most modern diagnostic advances in fertility treatment to our patients. We offer a range of specialised imaging services, including ultrasound, 3D pelvic scans and Hysterosalpingo Contrast Sonography (HyCoSy) allowing us to assess patients for signs of any underlying conditions that may impact on fertility and IVF success rates.

We also process all blood tests in house, unlike other fertility clinics, allowing a seamless journey for our patients and no outsourcing of processes.


It may be necessary as part of your fertility journey to undergo surgery. We offer a full range of laparoscopic and hysteroscopy surgical procedures, as well as open procedures, that are all carried out within the hospital in state-of-the-art facilities by our highly skilled team of accredited subspecialists.

Early Pregnancy Care

Situated at The Portland Hospital, the UK’s only private hospital solely dedicated to the care of women and children, we are able to provide comprehensive care to support your family from conception to delivery.

As London’s leading private maternity hospital, The Portland Hospital’s world-class maternity facilities include the UK’s only private on-site neonatal intensive care unit run by a multidisciplinary team that features more than 50 consultant obstetricians, many of whom are considered to be amongst the world’s leading birthing experts.

Recurrent miscarriage and Implantation Failure

Should couples fail to achieve success repeatedly with good quality embryos (recurrent implantation failure – RIF) or suffer from recurrent miscarriage (RM) we believe that further investigation should be considered. We offer comprehensive screening options and subspecialist level evidence-based care that will be individualised according to your clinical history, to minimize the physical and emotional burden and ensure there are no potentially treatable causes.

Male fertility

With male-factor infertility consistently shown to be the most common cause of subfertility, the work-up and evaluation of men is often neglected in comparison to the tests their female partners go through.

We believe that treatment and ongoing research of male factor infertility should be a multi-speciality undertaking, ideally within an IVF clinic setting, using the full resource of our dedicated gynaecological, urological and embryological team supported by suitable counselling (both fertility and genetic) where needed.

We are able to recommend referral and assessment with one our colleagues, including subspecialist level andrologists, who are highly experienced leaders in the field of reproductive urology.

How we work with doctors

Caring for patients is our first priority. We work with leading consultants who practise in our facilities and provide us with clinical advice.

Contact us about your fertility care

Whether you are ready to begin your fertility journey, or simply require advice and information regarding your treatment options, we’re always here to listen.

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