Orthopaedic services at The Lister Hospital

The Lister Hospital , Chelsea Bridge Road , London, SW1W 8RH

Orthopaedic services at The Lister Hospital in Chelsea are designed to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. From imaging options to physiotherapy and even how we prepare our patients for surgery – our orthopaedic nurse specialists and expert consultants are here to support you on your recovery journey.

You’ll receive the highest quality care from leading specialist orthopaedic consultants who are highly experienced in their field – and uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat your particular condition or joint injury.

Every day our consultants come together with medical experts from across the HCA UK network to carefully consider every case – and offer the very best interventions and treatment options. For patients needing minimally invasive replacement surgery, we offer robotic technology assistance on site with MAKO robotics. This can lead to a faster recovery and better outcomes. The Lister Hospital is one of the private London hospitals with the shortest length of stay for joint replacements.

Why choose The Lister Hospital in Chelsea

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    Complex treatment plans

    Delivered through a multidisciplinary team led by the UK’s leading orthopaedic consultants

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    Critical care facilities

    With the ability to manage complex conditions for patients requiring orthopaedic procedures

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    Specialist orthopaedic teams

    On-site expertise including surgeons, musculoskeletal sport and exercise consultants, musculoskeletal radiologists, rheumatologists, clinical nurse specialists and physiotherapists

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    Pioneering treatment

    From hip replacements to bunion removal and, where needed, the use of the latest robotic technology for faster recovery times

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    One Stop Service

    We can arrange for you to have your consultation and any diagnostic tests required on the same day to minimise impact on your schedule

Pioneering treatments

Consultants who treat patients at The Lister Hospital are leading specialists in their fields. They've pioneered treatment and refined orthopaedic surgery: from routine hip replacements to complex ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstructions and bunion removal. Find a consultant for:

Same day access to diagnostics

You will have access to the latest imaging for rapid diagnosis, with appointments usually offered on the same day as your initial consultation, to help minimise the impact on your schedule.

Our high-resolution imaging technology, including MRI and CT scanners, delivers clear images of your joints and muscles, to provide our consultants with the insight they need to offer more accurate diagnoses – and create highly personalised treatment plans.

You can usually see your selected specialist at various locations, from our main hospital site on Chelsea Bridge Road to our outpatient centres located from Chiswick to Chelsea. We also have a new centre in Battersea and Nine Elms, where our Musculoskeletal, Sport & Exercise Medicine consultants have a base.

Patient experiences

How knee surgery got one avid skier back on the slopes

After three months of hard work and dedication to her rehab exercises, Gaëlle’s pain hadn’t got any better and some of her movements were still significantly restricted, so her physio suggested she see a specialist, Mr Simon Thompson, consultant orthopaedic surgeon, at The Lister Hospital, who specialises in ACL and revision ACL surgery. 

Michael's Mako Hip Surgery

73-year-old Michael, an avid walker and charity worker, was diagnosed with arthritis in January 2021. By March 2021, his mobility was severely affected, with ebbs and flows of intensity, but always present and impeding. He found Professor Richard Field and The Lister Hospital through a recommendation. Michael shares his story and explains why this surgery was so important.

Innovating orthopaedic treatment

Using the latest surgical and non-surgical techniques, our orthopaedic consultants aim to get their patients back on their feet and moving smoothly and confidently.  Here are just two treatments that deliver greater reductions in pain, scarring and muscle trauma:

Direct Anterior Approach to Hip Replacements

Orthopaedic consultant, Professor Richard Field, adopts the direct anterior approach (DAA) for hip replacements. Using this approach, hip replacements are undertaken without cutting any muscles or detaching any tendons and his patients enjoy a faster early recovery, with less pain. Professor Field is the UK’s most experienced surgeon in DAA hip replacement.

Keyhole Bunion Removal

Mr Kumar Kunasingam has spent the last few years training and teaching innovative keyhole procedures for the treatment of bunions which has completely changed the way bunions can be treated. Rather than the traditional long incision along the outside of the foot, a series of small, incisions are made to straighten the bones. This causes far less damage and disruption to the surrounding soft tissue the result is less pain and discomfort and a faster return to mobility.

Holistic approach to recovery

Dr Robin Chatterjee’s practice is multidisciplinary, meaning he works regularly with other clinicians, including physiotherapists, podiatrists, nutritionists, gynaecologists, endocrinologists, haematologists, orthopaedic surgeons and rheumatologists. He himself suffered from joint pains for many years that turned out to be intolerance to certain foods that was causing early wear and tear of his joints, so he fully understands what patients go through when they’re not treated holistically.

Orthopaedic MDT's

At HCA UK we enable our consultants to come together to discuss patient cases. The orthopaedic team draws on the expertise of specialists from colleagues at The Lister Hospital as well as the orthopaedic team at The Princess Grace Hospital.

As an example, our hip and knee multidisciplinary team (MDT) combine their experience to discuss the most effective treatment plan, underpinned by thorough clinical governance. They discuss both pre and post-surgery cases, from replacement joints to ligament reconstruction, sharing patient progress and outcomes with some of the best medical minds in London.

Physiotherapy at The Lister Hospital

Our physiotherapists are all specialised in post-operative orthopaedic care and work collaboratively with your consultant to deliver a tailored, outcome driven rehabilitation programme. All programmes are designed to activate movement, restore function and increase flexibility. Our team of therapists are onsite at The Lister Hospital, but they can also be visited at our facilities on the King’s Road in Chelsea, if this is more convenient for you.

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