Imaging and diagnostics
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State-of-the-art imaging and rapid results

Our expert team of specialist consultant radiologists and radiographers work with your consultant to provide a fast and accurate diagnosis. We invest in the most advanced technology and provide all major tests and scans.

To book a scan call us on: 0121 812 3050

To book a test call us on: 0121 812 3051

Tests and scans we offer

Diagnostic imaging:

Cardiac diagnostic tests including:

Biopsy including:

Cardiac MRI Service HCA UK Cardiac MRI Service HCA UK Cardiac MRI Service HCA UK

Your treatment pathway

Once you’ve had an initial appointment with one of our consultants, you’ll be referred for any tests and scans you might need.

Some tests such as ultrasound will be performed by your consultant, while others will be done by a relevant specialist consultant radiologist or a senior radiographer who is a specialist in their field.

All of your tests and scans will be reviewed and reported on by expert radiologists and your results will be sent to your consultant within a matter of days.

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