Respiratory and thoracic care
at The Harborne Hospital in Birmingham

Here to help you get the treatment you need

We understand how worrying it is when you are experiencing symptoms such as shortness of breath, a persistent cough or chest discomfort.

When you choose The Harborne Hospital Birmingham, you’ll have rapid access to expert care  and a consultant will arrange any tests or scans you need, all in one place.

Our specialists cover every aspect of your respiratory system. We’ll give you a fast and accurate diagnosis, and recommend a treatment plan that’s personalised to your condition.

Why choose The Harborne Hospital?

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    Fast access to care

    When you make an appointment to see our respiratory and thoracic team, an expert consultant will usually see you within days.

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    Wide range of diagnostic testing

    using state-of-the art technology for a range of respiratory and thoracic conditions.

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    Experienced specialist consultants

    who can treat breathing, lung and airway conditions.

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    Seamless and collaborative care

    from a multidisciplinary team of leading experts.

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    Personalised care that’s tailored to meet your needs

    from tests and scans through to the latest treatments and follow-up care.

Respiratory and thoracic tests and scans

We have state-of-the art diagnostic facilities on site to test for a range of respiratory and thoracic conditions, and help consultants deliver the best course of treatment for you.

Our respiratory and thoracic diagnostics in Birmingham include:

Conditions we treat

Our specialists are here to provide you the treatment you need for all conditions of the respiratory system: from asthma or allergies to complex diseases such as lung cancer and mesothelioma.

We can also help you manage existing and ongoing conditions such as shortness of breath, snoring and discomfort.

Treatments we offer

This is a range of our treatment options - other treatments are available at The Harborne Hospital. Your consultant will advise you of the most effective option based on your individual diagnosis.

Contact our team in Birmingham to discuss your needs or if you are looking for a particular treatment that isn’t listed here.

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Our expert team

We’re proud to work with expert respiratory consultants who specialise in a wide range of lung, chest and breathing conditions.

Throughout your treatment you’ll have seamless and collaborative care from a multidisciplinary team that covers all areas of respiratory and thoracic care when you need it.

Contact The Harborne Hospital, Birmingham

Appointments and enquiries:

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