Mitral valve surgery

Surgery for leaking or narrowed (stenosed) mitral valve

Surgery to repair or replace a diseased mitral valve


Mitral valve surgery replaces or repairs the mitral valve in your heart, which is located between the left atrium and left ventricle. Surgery is needed when the valve leaks or is narrowed (stenosed). Leakage occurs for a number of reasons. Surgery is offered when the leakage is too severe to be managed with tablets. Narrowing of the mitral valve is now rare as it was usually developed after rheumatic fever, rarely seen these days. Most cases of mitral stenosis are treated by balloon dilation of the valve.

Need to know

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    Valve repair: this treats regurgitation or prolapse. Your surgeon will repair the valve to stop it leaking. Valve replacement: this is sometimes used to treat stenosis or when valve repair is not possible. The valve is replaced with a mechanical man-made or tissue valve. Mitral valve surgery can be made through a minimal access, using several small incisions, or can be performed through one large incision through the breast bone. Both are carried out under general anaesthetic and you will be connected to a heart-lung machine for these types of surgery.
  • How to prepare icon plus

    Your consultant will explain the procedure and answer any questions you might have. Like all procedures, there may be some risks or side effects involved. As the procedure happens under general anaesthetic, you will need to fast beforehand.
  • Afterwards icon plus

    You should be able to leave hospital around one week after surgery, with a follow-up review after three-to-six weeks. You should build up your activity levels slowly, and your consultant will let you know when you can get back to your usual routine, including work or exercise.

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