Hole in the heart surgery

PFO, ASD and VSD repair

Minimally invasive surgery to close a hole in the heart

What is a hole in the heart?

A hole in the heart is a congenital condition whereby the wall between two chambers within the heart is not fully closed so that the heart may not be able to pump blood efficiently around the body.

This condition can be diagnosed in childhood, or may not be diagnosed until later in life. We offer a range of minimally invasive procedures to close these defects that do not require open heart surgery.

Need to know

  • What happens during surgery?  icon plus

    Your consultant will make a small cut at the top of the leg and insert a thin tube known as a catheter. They'll use imaging technology, such as a fluoroscopy or echocardiography, to guide this into the heart.

    A long tube can then be guided into the heart through the catheter. It contains a special closure device that will be positioned through the defect. Once in place, an umbrella-like disc will open on each side of the defect to seal it. The procedure will take place under general anaesthetic. 
  • How to prepare for surgery icon plus

    Your consultant will advise you on how to prepare for hole in the heart closure surgery, and they'll explain any possible risks and side effects which it may involve. As you or your child will be having a general anaesthetic, your consultant will advise on how long to avoid eating or drinking beforehand.
  • After surgery  icon plus

    You or your child will be in intensive care immediately after the procedure, and will probably stay in hospital for at least a few days afterwards. You might expect a prescription of antibiotics to prevent infection, and pain relief may be needed too.

    Experiencing tiredness with exercise is common for a period afterwards. Your consultant will tell you when you or your child can expect to return to a normal routine, including work, school and exercise.

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