Bioness H200

Wireless hand rehabilitation system

If you have a paralysed hand and can't move your fingers or thumb, HCA UK can help by fitting a Bioness H200 hand support

What is Bioness H200 technology?

If you have had a stroke, have a central nervous system disorder or have sustained a brain injury or spinal injury, you may experience hand paralysis. This is when you are unable to move your fingers and/or your thumb properly and have difficulty reaching, grasping and pinching. The Bioness H200 is a wireless system that can help you regain movement.

Need to know

  • How does the Bioness H200 work? icon plus

    The Bioness H200 is a wireless hand rehabilitation system that supports your wrist so you can make essential movements such as reaching, grasping, holding and pinching. It works by stimulating the appropriate nerves and muscles in the forearm and hand to help you regain your hand function.

    It also helps to re-educate weak or paralysed muscles. The system has two main parts:

    • Orthosis. This fits on your forearm and wrist and communicates wirelessly with the control unit. It contains electrodes that stimulate your hand to move.
    • Control unit. A hand-held device that allows you to adjust the level of stimulation your hand receives.
  • Is the Bioness H200 suitable for me? icon plus

    Your therapist will explain the Bioness H200 system to you and answer any questions you might have. They will assess you and determine if the system is appropriate for you.

    If the system is recommended for you, your therapist will help you put it on and ensure it is comfortable and working properly. They will also set up the control unit with a programme that specifically suits your needs.
  • After your assessment and fitting icon plus

    After your fitting, you'll be able to go back to your normal, daily activities. You can carry the wireless control unit in your pocket or handbag.

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