Thyroid scan

Thyroid test

A scan to investigate the function of the thyroid


The thyroid is a gland in the neck. It can be affected by several diseases. You can test for these in a thyroid scan, which is a type of nuclear medicine imaging. Our clinicians have experience of all aspects of thyroid disease and offer diagnostic services and treatment for every thyroid condition.

Need to know

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    A small amount of radioactive material known as a 'tracer' will be injected into a vein in your arm that localises in the thyroid. This takes around 20 minutes. It's then possible to get images by using a camera that scans the thyroid area of your neck. The camera works with a computer to create images that detail your thyroid’s structure and function, based on how it interacts with the radioactive tracer. It's an entirely painless procedure that doesn't require anaesthetic. The entire test will take roughly 45 minutes.
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    There is no preparation for this test and you may eat and drink normally. Please advise our staff if you have had any other radiological contrast procedures (CT, IVU) in the past six weeks or take thyroxine or iodine tablets. If you are pregnant or breast feeding you should tell your consultant prior to booking the appointment.
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    Our team offers a unique multidisciplinary approach to all thyroid disorders. Depending on the results of your scan, there may be collaboration between our consultants as to the best course of treatment for your individual case. Complex cases are discussed at a weekly thyroid multidisciplinary team meeting where the most appropriate and comprehensive recommendation is made for each patient.

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