Testicular mapping

Also known as Sperm mapping or a Sperm Fine Needle Aspiration

A non-surgical alternative to a testes biopsy used to map out the location of sperm in the testes

What is testicular mapping?

Testicular mapping is a recent development for azoospermic men, pioneered by Dr Paul Turek in California. It involves a simple minimally-invasive procedure performed under either local or general anaesthesia to map out the potential location of sperm in the testis.

This allows us to determine if a man is likely to be candidate for a successful subsequent sperm retrieval.

The benefits of this two-step process are to guide urologists directly to areas of sperm production (with some studies suggesting an increase to more than 90% success) and to minimise potential damage to the testis from multiple failed biopsies. Furthermore, a negative map may help couples decide on alternative options such as the use of donor sperm.

Urologists can now offer this procedure if deemed appropriate.

Treatment at the Lister Fertility Clinic

To find out more about testicular mapping as part of your ongoing fertility treatment, please discuss with your fertility consultant at the clinic. Patients of the Lister Fertility Clinic who need testicular mapping will be treated in conjunction with Consultant Urologist and Andrologist Mr Jonathan Ramsay.

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