Speech and language assessment

Evaluating the need for speech and language therapy

A speech and language assessment involves a series of tests that determine what sort of therapy programme is needed.


We carry out speech and language assessments on children and adults who are having difficulty speaking or swallowing. We work closely with ears, nose and throat (ENT) and neurology consultants so we can refer you if necessary. Likewise, people are sometimes referred for a speech and language assessment by an ENT or neurology consultant. This approach helps us to decide on the most appropriate, thorough treatment programme for you, your child or someone you care for. What the assessments involve depend on the nature of the patient's symptoms or condition. However, they usually involve an analysis of speech sounds and articulation, auditory processing screening (APD) and dyslexia screening. To investigate swallowing difficulties, we may suggest a videoflouroscopy or fibreoptic endoscopy. If you're a parent or carer, we try to keep you appropriately involved in the assessment process.

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