Pressure wire study


If you have narrowed heart arteries, a pressure wire study helps your consultant assess the consequences on blood flow to your heart muscle

What is a pressure wire study?

A pressure wire study can be carried out during coronary angiography. The device measures pressure difference in the narrowed arteries around the heart and highlights if there is reduced blood flow to the heart muscle.

Using this information, your consultant can determine whether you require further treatment.

Need to know

  • What happens during a pressure wire study?  icon plus

    A pressure wire study only takes place during coronary angiography (a special X-ray procedure to check the coronary arteries). During the test, your consultant will apply local anaesthesia to your wrist or groin, then insert a catheter (thin tube) into the artery followed by a wire with a special pressure sensor at its tip. They will then place the wire beyond the narrowing in the coronary artery using X-ray imaging.

    The sensor records the pressure difference either side of the narrowing. A drug called adenosine may be inserted through the catheter to maximise blood flow.
  • How to prepare for your study  icon plus

    Your consultant will explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have. They will advise you on the following:

    • food and drink intake prior to the test
    • use of anticoagulants before and after the procedure
  • After the study icon plus

    After your coronary angiography and pressure wire study, your consultant will discuss the test results and further treatment options with you. In some situations, angioplasty and stent insertion may be performed as an immediate follow-on procedure.Your consultant will advise beforehand if this is part of your treatment plan.

    You will likely remain in hospital for up to four hours where our nurses can monitor you. After this time you should be able to go home. You may be given a course of medication to take, and advised on follow-up appointments.

Our cardiologists

Your consultant will talk you through the procedure, explaining each possible avenue.  Our consultants are supported by an experienced team of cardiac physiologists and nurses who will take care of you during your stay. 

Our cardiac locations

Pressure wire studies are undertaken across our network of hospitals, and we provide specialist cardiac nursing care at each of out facilities.

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