Private CT scans in Manchester

Computed tomography (CT) scan, sometimes referred to as a CAT scan

Detailed 2D and 3D images of your organs, blood vessels and bones

What is a CT scan?

A CT scanner is a ring-shaped machine filled with X-ray tubes. CT scans use X-rays to take detailed 2D and 3D images of inside your body. As you lie on a bed that passes through the middle of the scanner, it rotates and takes X-rays of your body. These are fed to a computer which creates 2D images (also known as slices). The 2D images can be stacked to create 3D images for your consultant to analyse.

From the CT scan a doctor can diagnose and monitor many conditions including cancer, strokes and fractures, and they're used to investigate a wide range of symptoms.

We invest in the latest CT scanning equipment which means we're able to carry out specialist CT scan procedures using the most technologically advanced and low radiation dose scanners available.

Our imaging specialists at HCA UK

CT scans can be completed as part of diagnosis and monitoring, or can be a part of a procedure during an operation. On the day of your imaging our radiography team will prepare you and explain what you need to do and what will happen during your scan.

Our consultant radiologists work together with our consultant physicians and surgeons to ensure the accuracy and results of your scan. 


CT scanning locations

At HCA UK, we provide CT scans across a wide range of locations in the Greater Manchester area.Our main locations are listed below.

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