Private Speech & Language Therapy in London

Assessment and Treatment for speech difficulties

Speech therapists deals with both the sounds that people make and the language people use to express themselves.

Our speech & language services across London

Through our speech and language therapy services we provide treatment, support and care for adults and children who have difficulties with communication, or eating, drinking and swallowing.

The muscles we use to chew are very similar those we use to talk. So our therapists can assess and treat eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties, too.

We will create a dedicated treatment programme for you. Through a combination of exercises, compensatory strategies and other techniques, speech and language therapy (SLT) can help people manage their condition. SLT may be recommended by an ear, nose and throat (ENT) consultant, a neurologist, neurosurgeon or rehabilitation specialist. 

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HCA Nurse giving speech & language therapy to a child

Speech & language therapy for children

We have services for children which covers common speech difficulties including stammering, or conditions related to learning difficulties and developmental speech delay.

In adults, communication and swallowing problems might occur suddenly and are usually related to illnesses, such as a stroke, cancer or a head injury.

Our speech & language locations across London

Across the HCA UK network we provide exceptional therapy services and facilities in the following hospitals and outpatient centres

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