Podiatric surgery

Surgical treatment for foot conditions

The latest treatments from our expert team of podiatric surgeons

What is podiatric surgery?

Podiatric surgery is the surgical treatment of the foot and its related parts. It is usually recommended after other treatments (such as physiotherapy and temporary relative rest) have not resulted in a full recovery.

Any patient with foot problems that require surgery will receive the latest treatment from our expert team of podiatric surgeons. Procedures are usually carried out as a day case and often under general anaesthetic.

Some of the conditions treated with podiatric surgery include: ingrowing toe nails, verrucas and bunions, big toe arthritis and Morton's neuroma (a damaged nerve between the toes).

Our expertise in foot problems

Our team of podiatric surgeons specialise in treating the whole spectrum of foot and ankle problems, and are fully supported by our physiotherapy team

  • Bunion correction surgery

    Need to know

    A bunion is a deformity of your big toe. If there is too much pressure on the inside of your foot at the base of your big toe, it can be pushed against your other toes. A painful, bony lump then forms on the joint. Bunion correction surgery can remove this bony lump, helping to realign your toes.

  • Diagnostic lower limb arthroscopy

    Need to know

    A knee, hip or ankle arthroscopy allows your consultant to see inside your joints using a tiny camera inserted through small incisions in your skin. This helps them to diagnose and treat common joint problems — including torn cartilage, ligament damage and arthritis — without open surgery.

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We're proud to work with leading podiatric experts specialising in diagnosing and treating foot conditions, and whose skills are matched by their integrity and compassion.

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From complex foot and ankle surgery to therapeutic procedures, we provide exceptional podiatric care across our network of hospitals, outpatient centres and specialist clinics.

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The Foot and Ankle Unit

The Foot and Ankle Unit at The Wellington Hospital brings together a group of specialist orthopaedic surgeons who work in collaboration to provide expert diagnosis and treatment for a variety of foot and ankle problems.

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