Private Paediatric Dermatologists in London

Care for your child's skin, hair and nails

Our paediatric skin care experts are experienced in diagnosing, treating and managing common and rare skin conditions

Dermatological care for children

From infants to teens, skin conditions are common in children of all ages. These can range from common viral rashes and eczema to more complex systemic disorders involving the skin. We understand that skin problems can be uncomfortable and distressing for children as well as their parents.

We also have a dedicated birthmark service at The Portland Hospital, which is run by our paediatric dermatology experts. The team offers the very latest treatments to minimise the appearance of birthmarks, including laser therapy. Should your child's condition require urgent care, we have a dedicated Urgent Care Centre for Children at The Portland Hospital.

Our paediatric dermatologists

Our experienced team of paediatric dermatologists are on hand to offer fast diagnosis and treatment tailored to your child's needs.

To deliver the best personalised care, our dermatologists work closely with paediatric consultants across a range of medical specialties, including allergists and plastic surgeons.

Our paediatric dermatology locations

Our network of hospitals, outpatient centres and specialist clinics throughout London, offer access to dermatology services for children.

Request an appointment with a paediatric specialist

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