Treating and diagnosing eye conditions

Quick, painless ophthalmology treatments for adults and children using the latest technology and best diagnostic equipment and techniques

What is ophthalmology?

Ophthalmology specialises in the diagnosis and management of eye conditions, our ophthalmology service focuses on taking a holistic approach to eye care, offering you a greater understanding of the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye.

Our consultants treat a wide range of ophthalmic problems — from common eye conditions such as cataracts, squints and occluded ducts through to vitreo-retinal surgery. We also offer lens implants for 'dry' age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and have specialists in neuro-ophthalmology.

At The Lister Hospital, we offer corneal and retinal surgery, oculoplastic surgery, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the structure around the eyes. And we use the very latest 3D optical coherence tomography scanning and phacoemulsification (cataract) surgery.

Most of the treatments we offer are day-case procedures, which means you can go home straight after. And in many cases, we can offer daily and short notice appointments.

Our ophthalamic expertise

We have the expertise needed to carry out advanced treatments for a range of eye conditions.

  • Cataract surgery

    Need to know

    A cataract is a clouding of the lens in your eye, which can make your vision blurred or misty. You can develop cataracts in one or both of your eyes. A surgical procedure can remove and replace the lens affected by cataracts to improve vision. In most cases a cataract procedure is conducted on one eye...

  • Squint correction surgery

    Need to know

    Corrective surgery can improve the alignment of the eyes to help them work in unison. It can be performed on children and adults but the earlier a squint is identified, the more effective treatment tends to be. Squint correction surgery is one of the most common procedures in the ophthalmology department...

Our ophthalmologists

Our experienced consultant ophthalmologists offer expert care for a wide range of both common and complex eye conditions.

Our consultants provide medical and surgical eye treatment, as well as long team management of age-related conditions.  
Paediatric ophthalmology

Eye care for children

At HCA UK we offer paediatric ophthalmology for children at The Portland Hospital. 

Our consultants are experienced in treating children for congenital conditions and common eye disorders such as conjunctivitis.

Our locations

From complex retinal eye surgery to diagnostic tests and daycase procedures, we provide exceptional ophthalmology care across our network of hospitals, outpatient centres and specialist clinics.

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Our team can help with any enquiries or you can make an appointment with one of our experienced consultants.

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