Occupational medicine

Ensuring workplace health and safety

​Our occupational health consultants focus on achieving the highest standards of health and comfort for professionals in every industry

What is occupational medicine?

Occupational medicine is a specialist area of healthcare focusing on all aspects of health and safety in the workplace. Our multidisciplinary team of consultants and clinical staff provide health assessments and best practice advice to both large and small organisations and care for professionals across a range of industries.

From diagnosis to treatment, rehabilitation and beyond, we have the facilities and expertise to care for a full range of common work-related conditions. These include stress, back pain and chronic fatigue syndrome. We can also offer psychological support or advice on your workplace environment to optimise your comfort, health and productivity.


If you're experiencing a health issue that's caused by your job or impacting your ability work, we can help you get the treatment you need.

  • Mens health screening

    Need to know

    As you get older or if you're concerned about hereditary disease, screening is a positive way of taking care of yourself. You will have a series of tests tailored to your age, lifestyle and family history so we can look out for the things that are most likely to affect you.

  • Advanced health screening

    Need to know

    When you see one of our private GPs, they can quickly refer you for a range of diagnostic tests if they spot something that they think needs further investigation. This includes tests to check: adrenal health bowel health breast screening cognitive health heart health fitness liver health ovarian health...

Occupational medicine consultants

Doctors in occupational medicine work as specialist clinicians and advisers to both the employer and employee on the relationship between work and health.

The consultants at HCA UK work closely with GPs and allied health professionals to offer a fully supported service for company's with medical coverage. 

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From complex surgery to straightforward procedures, we provide exceptional care across our network of hospitals, outpatient centres and specialist clinics.​

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