Diet and nutrition

Tailored nutritional support and advice

Our dietitians create bespoke dietary plans to complement your treatment, aid your recovery and help manage your symptoms.

About diet and nutrition

Diet and nutrition focuses on the relationship between food, drink, nutrients and your health. It looks at the ways in which your diet could help control your symptoms, complement your treatment and aid your recovery.

When you're staying with us as an inpatient, we integrate nutrition into your overall care. Our dietitians work closely with your medical team to make sure you get the nutrients you need after treatment and as part of your recovery. You can also access our nutrition services as an outpatient to help with weight management, chronic conditions such as diabetes and inflammatory bowel disease, recovery from a fall or sports injury, and to optimise your wellbeing.

Your dietitian will work with you to create a personalised plan and set achievable goals to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Personalised treatment plans can include specific dietary advice, nutritional supplements and support with artificial feeding methods such as nastrogastric tube feeding. We offer dietary support for children at The Portland Hospital.


Our dietitians have the right knowledge and experience to help you manage a wide range of conditions — from heart disease to sports injuries.

  • Nutritional services

    Need to know

    Our nutritional services are designed to enhance your care in many ways - from helping you manage a long-term digestive condition to supporting your recovery from an operation or sports injury. 

Our locations

You can access our diet and nutrition services at all of our main hospitals, with specialist services at our specialist units.

Contact us about diet and nutrition specialists

Our helpline advisors can assist with enquiries about booking an appointment with a specialist in nutrition.

020 7079 4344
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