Clinical (medical) genetics

Advancing clinical genetics in the UK

Our multidisciplinary team of specialists lead the way in clinical genetics in the UK

What is clinical genetics?

Clinical genetics is the branch of medicine that involves the diagnosis and management of hereditary disorders. Genetic disorders can become apparent at any age. This relatively young field of study has grown steadily in recent years and our team of specialists lead the way in clinical genetics in the UK.

Our services can be divided into two areas:

  • Genetic testing: A DNA test to find out if you are carrying a genetic mutation that can cause a particular medical condition. This fully integrated service is available across our network of private hospitals.
  • Genetic counselling: If you find out that you have inherited a genetic predisposition to a disease then we offer a genetic counselling service. We work collaboratively with our wider multidisciplinary teams to fully support you and your family.

Our expertise in genetics

We offer a multidisciplinary approach with consultant clinicians and allied healthcare professionals to ensure you and your family are fully supported.

  • Hereditary Cancer Genetic Testing

    Need to know

    Cancer is a common condition with approximately one in two people developing it in in their lifetime. It develops when something has gone wrong (a mutation) with one or more of the genes in a cell. Most gene changes happen during our lifetime, but sometimes these can be inherited from a parent, these...

  • Preimplantation Genetic Testing PGT

    Need to know

    Genetically normal embryos have a higher chance of implantation and the resulting pregnancies have a lower chance of miscarriage.

  • Genetic liver conditions

    Need to know

    Genetic liver conditions include haemochromatosis, alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT) deficiency and Wilson disease. They occur as a result of too much iron, a lack of the AAT protein, or a build-up of copper, respectively, in the body. Each of these diseases can cause a range of complications in your body, not...

  • Gene tests

    Need to know

    We offer a number of genetic tests to help clinicians understand which approved cancer treatments should be most effective for each of our patients. Tests are carried out at the Sarah Cannon Molecular Diagnostics laboratory. By allowing clinicians to avoid treatments that won’t work, we treat...

  • Paediatric genetic testing

    Need to know

    Paediatric genetic testing can be used to diagnose a hereditary condition in a child, to determine their chances of developing a hereditary condition, or to find out if they're a carrier of a genetic mutation. If you already have a child with a genetic disorder, or you or your child's other parent has...

Our genetic consultants

Our experienced consultants in clinical genetics specialise in assessing risk for inherited conditions and helping to manage genetic disorders.

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