Pinched nerve in the neck

HCA UK’s team of experts can diagnose and treat brachialgia (cervical radiculopathy)


Brachialgia, or cervical radiculopathy, describes pain in the arm caused by a pinched nerve in the neck.

Need to know

  • Symptoms of brachialgia icon plus

    The symptoms can vary and are likely to include:
    • pins and needles in your arms, which may increase in discomfort as you stretch your neck or turn your head to one side
    • pain in your neck, shoulder blade or arm
    • tingling sensations
    • weakness in your arm
  • Diagnosis icon plus

    Your consultant will physically examine your neck and may ask you about your medical history to determine what is causing the pain.

    They will guide you through the most appropriate tests for diagnosis of brachialgia, which may include:
    • CT scan
    • MRI scan
    • X-ray
    • ultrasound

    Your consultant may also do a diagnostic test known as a nerve conduction study to identify what is causing the pressure on your nerves.
  • Potential treatment options icon plus

    Your consultant will discuss the most suitable course of treatment, which will depend on the nature and location of your pinched nerve.

    There are some non-surgical treatment options that your consultant may recommend. These include:
    • physiotherapy
    • special exercises to stretch and strengthen your muscles
    • medication to reduce any inflammation

    If your symptoms do not improve, an injection of steroids into your spine may be recommended to reduce any swelling and pain.

    Surgery may also be an option to remove the pressure on your nerve. The types of surgery that may help include:
    • anterior cervical discectomy
    • spinal fusion
    • disc replacement

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