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Lister Fertility Clinic is proud to have established a unique dietetic clinic. It is aimed at people looking for clear dietetic and nutritional advice with regard to their fertility, pregnancy and gynaecological concerns.

Consultations with our fully qualified dietitian are available for:

Why should I be consulting a dietitian?

The link between fertility and diet has long been established. Having a personalised nutrition plan has been proven to improve fertility. It can help regulate ovulation cycles and improve sperm quality.

Studies have shown from the time a couple are looking to conceive, through to pregnancy and the first two years of the child’s development, diet and nutrition has a strong impact. Particularly on the child’s genetics and influences their health throughout their life. This concept is called Epigenetic Programming.

Investing in dietetic input through the clinic’s specialist fertility dietetic clinic can help with:

  • optimising the chances of getting pregnant
  • help regulate ovulatory cycles
  • improve the health of eggs
  • improve success rate of assisted reproductive treatments
  • reducing pregnancy related risk factors for both mum and baby
  • improving health of newborn
  • reduce risk of developing chronic diseases as a by-product of lifestyle modifications
  • receive clarity on pregnancy care.

What is the Lister Fertility Clinic Approach?

Through a series of group or individual sessions, our qualified dietitian uses detailed scientific analysis to create a plan maximising your chance of success. By following a personalised plan and setting clear targets, our dietitian can help optimise your chances of conception. They can also improve the chances of success with assisted reproductive treatments, set goals for a healthy pregnancy and beyond.

Using state-of-the-art nutritional software, our dietitian can provide advice, in-depth nutritional analysis and bespoke meal plans direct to you throughout your treatment via our app.

We offer Individual and Group consultations with our specialist dietitian.

Group sessions

We recommend the group approach to our patients. It offers valuable peer support, provides individuals goals, and a social circle to help achieve your dietary goals. Our set comprehensive package price offers great value for money.

Topics covered:

- food and fertility (including topics such as weight management & supplements)
- factors affecting foetal health
- long term benefits of getting it right during pregnancy
- optimising health for men
- polycystic ovaries syndrome management
- other co-morbidity management – if preferred this can be discussed during a one to one.

The last telephone review can be during the third weekly session or as a separate phone review booked in with the dietitian.

Price for complete group package – £240

Individual sessions

For those who have more complex dietary requirements including diabetes, coeliac disease or gastrointestinal disorders, or those who would prefer one-to-one guidance, the clinic offers individual consultations.

Sessions are 45 minutes long and the number of reviews required will be need based.

Prices for individual consultations with specialist dietitian:

  • Initial consultation - £218
  • Review - £112
  • Dietetic computer analysis £77


How do I book myself for an initial assessment?

To book your initial assessment please email, or call us on 0207 881 2043 and leave a message.

You will be contacted within five working days and enrolled in your personalised nutrition program.

Why trust a dietitian, rather than a nutrition expert in the high street?

 It is easy these days to complete a weekend course and call yourself a diet expert. As nutrition is such an important part of both your fertility and pregnancy journey, it's best to rely on someone qualified and with experience in the diet and nutrition of people undergoing fertility treatment, and during pregnancy.

Meet our dietitian: Komal Kumar

Komal joined The Lister Hospital as a Senior Specialist Dietitian in the medical, gastroenterology and intensive care services.

Her passion lies in the areas of endocrinology and gastroenterology and she leads the specialist outpatient clinics at The Lister Hospital and Lister Fertility Clinic. Having worked across multiple cultures, Komal offers practice, easy to follow and evidence based advice.

Can a vegan diet boost your fertility?

Emily Reilly, Senior specialist dietitian at HCA Healthcare UK, focuses on what embarking on a vegan diet means, and whether it’s a good idea if you are trying to enhance your fertility and chances of conceiving.

Contact us at the Lister Fertility Dietitian Clinic

If you are interested in speaking with a dietitian about your fertility you can book a group or individual consultation with our dietitian Komal by phone or email. If a clinic is in progress you may need to leave a message on the answer machine.

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