London Bridge Hospital Imaging Department: The full range of state-of-the-art imaging modalities

HCA UK at The Shard , 32 St Thomas Street , London, SE1 9BS

About imaging and diagnostics

Critical to the delivery of the complex and multispecialty medicine we provide is the ability to diagnose conditions accurately and create efficient pathways into care. For the most part, once a patient has had an initial consultation with a consultant, they will be referred for diagnostics and imaging at the most convenient location to them within our campus. All major imaging modalities are available and we invest in the most advanced technology. 

We aim to provide a rapid access imaging service and often same day appointments. Teams of specialised consultant radiologists and radiographers support our consultant physicians and surgeons across every discipline, subspecialising in their fields of medicine. This level of expertise means patients can be reassured that no matter how subspecialised their condition, they have access to the imaging modalities for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

The latest imaging technology

Across the London Bridge Hospital campus: in The Shard, in The City,  along with X-ray, you’ll find a wide range of imaging services. 

Consultant-led diagnostics

Once under the care of a consultant, some of the tests performed will be undertaken by your consultant e.g. ultrasound, or a consultant radiologist specialising in the respective specialty. All scans will be reviewed and reported on by a consultant radiologist, and sometimes two. Most imaging is reported on within 48 hours but often on the same day; and examinations are available to be viewed by your consultant immediately via the hospital Imaging Network.

Where radiographers carry out scans, they will be senior radiographers, and once again, specialists in their fields of medicine. This ensures detailed and experienced investigation followed by discussion and patient treatment planning which takes place in our regular multidisciplinary team meetings by specialty.


A state-of-the-art nuclear medicine centre

In late 2018 London Bridge Hospital built a new nuclear medicine centre with the very latest PET-CT and SPECT-CT technology. Both scanners are now housed in a self-contained Molecular Imaging Centre opposite the main hospital. Here we have created a unit where patients can relax in beautiful, calm surroundings whilst waiting for scans. 

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