Our centre provides a single point of contact where all healthcare needs can be met, from initial consultations to screening and diagnosis, second opinions and personal treatment plans.

A patient-centred service

All patients using our concierge service will benefit from a seamless continuity of care throughout their time with us.

Clinical Nurse Advisors will personally support each patient through their medical journey, providing rapid access to consultants and treatments in our central London hospitals. Our activity is supported by our Medical Advisory Committee; a multidisciplinary panel of clinicians who are leaders in their field.


Contact the HCA Concierge Team  020 7616 4999

Services we offer

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    Bespoke healthcare packages

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    Dedicated concierge service

    with individual support throughout your healthcare journey

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    Streamlined fast-track access to all HCA UK services

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    Pre-arrival preparation

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    Airport transfers

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    Interpreters and translation services

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    VIP concierge

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    Travel visa information and logistical support

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    Guidance on latest advances in treatment

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    Cultural awareness trained team

Transfers from other UK hospitals

If you, or your loved one, are currently admitted to either a private or NHS hospital as an inpatient and would like to be transferred to an HCA UK hospital, the HCA UK Concierge Centre can arrange this for you, wherever you are in the UK.

Our team will co-ordinate the handover and admissions process on your behalf to make things as easy as possible for you. If an ambulance transfer is required to transport you to an HCA UK facility, we will organise that too. 

We work with the referral team to ensure you are transferred to the most appropriate HCA UK hospital and clinical team. Our aim is to ensure you receive a seamless journey from wherever you are currently receiving treatment to your admission to an HCA UK hospital.

A unique centre of excellence

We are London’s first and only medical concierge CQC Registered Centre. 

We offer:

  • Access to eight world-class hospitals located in central London and Manchester
  • A 24/7 service
  • Seamless pathway with same-day appointments.


Contact the HCA Concierge Team 020 7616 4999

How do we work?

HCA Concierge Step 1

Evaluation and Liaison

The clinical manager evaluates the medical reports, liaises with and identifies the most appropriate HCA UK consultant based on patient’s clinical presentation.
Consultant will review and evaluate medical history and take on case management.

HCA Concierge Step 2

Coordination of Safe Travel

A COVID-19 result is requested and admission arranged to the relevant HCA UK site. The repatriation of the patient is coordinated by the referral team once the patient has been risk assessed and deemed safe and ready to travel.

HCA Concierge Step 3

Transfer and Arrival

The concierge team can arrange ground ambulance to take the patient to their destination. Medical handover will be coordinated between the transferring and accepting clinicians by the clinical concierge manager. Key clinical team members are kept informed of patient’s status and expected time of arrival.

Admitting patients

We can admit complex, time-critical cases to all HCA UK sites and patients are managed on the relevant care pathways. We work with the referral team to ensure patients are admitted to most appropriate hospital and clinical team.

In the case of a life-threatening condition or a major accident, we recommend that you dial 999 for an ambulance and immediate transfer to an NHS hospital for comprehensive emergency care. When the hospital feels that the patient is medically stable, we can co-ordinate their transfer into a private HCA UK hospital for the rest of their care. 

Our facilities include:

  • 4-hour Acute Admissions Unit 
  • On-site intensivist 
  • Coordination of care with specialists 
  • Multidisciplinary team expertise, incl.  ICU nurses specialising in repatriation medicine

Rapid response referral service

The HCA Concierge Centre provides a 24/7 service, ensuring patients benefit from a rapid response referral for time-critical and complex care required, ensuring that: 

• Referral team have received a response and confirmed patient can be admitted to an HCA UK hospital within one hour of Concierge Centre being contacted. 
• All repatriations and urgent cases are overseen by a clinical member of the team.

If you are a GP or consultant, please contact our team and we will provide the relevant referral form for your patient to be supported by the HCA Concierge Centre.


Contact the HCA Concierge Team 020 7616 4999

Our multidisciplinary team

We take great pride in our multidisciplinary approach to care. From our highly experienced on-site clinical staff to our concierge team members, we are fully dedicated to making the experience of every patient as safe and comfortable as possible.

Get in touch to use our concierge service

Please contact us directly to find out more about the HCA UK Concierge Centre


T: 020 7616 4999
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